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Get DOT Authority

Getting authority to operate, such as MC number, can be a complicated process that allows no mistakes and takes time. At DOT Operating Authority it is our goal to make it easy for you and save your time. If you are starting a trucking business, don’t wait to contact us, so we can help you comply with all DOT authority regulations. Our experienced team has a deep knowledge of trucking industry and all the paperwork associated with it. We will help you with every step on your way to starting a successful trucking company.


Start with protecting your assets

To do that, you should form an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or a corporation. It is crucial to create a business entity for your company instead of using your own name to conduct business. It will help you protect your assets such as your banking information and your home. Whichever type of business entity you choose, we can assist you with that. Call us at 1-888-NOW-GETDOT (1-888-669-4383) to get more information on how we can help.


Get your DOT Authority

The next step is registration and applying for a USDOT number and MC number. It will take at least 21 days for your operating authority to become active. During that time, we will assist you with insurance, CSAT (Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing) and all other requirements. At DOT Operating Authority we will make sure everything goes smoothly and you will have your trucking business running in no time and without any hassle!


DOT authority

Contact DOT Operating Authority and get professional assistance with:

– USDOT number

– MC or FF or FX number

– BOC-3 Filing

– BMC-84 or BMC-85 (for brokers)

– And many other matters!


Contact DOT Operating Authority today and let us take care of your business for you. We are looking forward to hearing from you!