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DOT in Iowa Shares Video of Horrible Crash Between Two Trucks

July 6, 2018

A horrible crash happened between two trucks yesterday in Iowa.


The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) shared the video of the crash online.


The crash happened on the I-35 by the Iowa 210 exit. The video shows a large black truck that is pulled over at the very last lane with the emergency lights on.


The far left lane was almost fully blocked because of the truck.


A lot of the vehicles that are passing by move over to the other lane to avoid crashing into the truck.


However, one semi white truck does not move over. Instead, the driver continues straight ahead and crashes into the black truck that is pulled over.


The driver that was outside of his black truck starts running the other direction.


The white semi-truck bounces off and hits the other direction of the freeway, crashing into a huge pole.


Both trucks get destroyed immediately. The video shows pieces flying off during the crash.


Just a few days before this crash happened, earlier this week, Iowa had made a new law effective about vehicles that are pulled over on the road.


The law is called Move Over and it requires other drivers to slow down and move to a different lane when vehicles are pulled over with their emergency lights on.


Any vehicle who does not go by the rules of this law will get fined $100. However, if they fail to obey this law and they crash into the other vehicle, the driver is more than likely to lose their license.


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