IRP Registration – International Registration Plan

apportioned plateThe IRP (International Registration Plan) is a reciprocal agreement which permits the proportional registration between states (jurisdictions) of the US the province of Canada and the District of Columbia. According to the plan if the truck owner functions his vehicle in various jurisdictions he must yearly report the driven mileage in each jurisdiction. As a result, the drivers or carriers should pay the taxes based on the driven mileage. The main objective of the International Registration Plan is to encourage and stimulate the highest possible use of the highway system.

Who is required to register under the IRP?

You should register under International Registration Plan if:

  • your truck is over 26,000 pounds GVW; or
  • it has three or more axles, regardless of weight; or
  • is a power unit and trailer whose joint GVW is more than 26,000 pounds, and
  • your vehicle is part of a declared fleet that operates in Florida and minimum another IRP jurisdiction

How to calculate IRP fees?

Table 1 which we represented below indicates the sum of the Declared G/CGW Fee + CVRA Fee + CTIP Fee. Also, if you want to get the total California registration fee you should Sum the Declared G/CGW Fee + CVRA Fee + CTIP Fee (see Table 1) as well as vehicle license fee (see Table 2). In addition, for calculating apportioned regulation fee you should multiply total California fee by mileage percent.


Table 1: Sum of the Declared G/CGW Fee + CVRA Fee + Registration Fee + CTIP Fee



Table 2: Vehicle License Fee


Let us help you comply with the IRP

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