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    ATRI Tries Feedback On From Top Truckers Better Conditions

    The ATRI or American Transportation Research Institute has started it’s 17th annual questionnaire towards truck owner-operators. In addition to other stakeholders with industry-relative concerns as well as strategies to address them. Recently, the issues are ranking high and with attention towards various critical topics. Moreover, they may be organizing differently by various carriers and truck drivers.

    ATRI Addresses Industry-Wide Concerns

    The ATRI head honcho, Sherri Garner Brumbaugh, also happens to be the President and CEO of Garner Transportation Group. And she says a mouthful on the topic, regarding truckers answering some industry-wide concerns. “Completing this survey only takes a few minutes, but its impact can be immeasurable. The data ATRI provides will chart the course for the industry by providing a clear picture of the landscape we face.”

    Online Survey

    As it turns out, the survey is available to take online for a limited time. (Qualified members of the field have until October 15th to take it.) As a result, the 2021 survey will release on October 24th via ATA’s Management Conference & Exhibition. It shouldn’t take that long and honestly, maybe a good idea to create more of a communal feel pithing the trucking industry. 

    Last year, Truck Parking topped the charts as the number one issue that truckers had to face. Following that concern were the issues of pay compensation and detention. The ATRI always has its hands full.

    Furthermore, with the advent of COVID-19 having since wrecked a lot of ways of life we once knew well and cherished close to our hearts, it’s likely that there will be more of this type in the future. More complaints about why things can’t go back to where the things were at in the first place. One should understand that life as we know it has been changing and of course, the ATRI will anticipate ways of improving life on the road for all truckers. 

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