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    What is an MCS-150 form?

    Your US DOT number is the unique identifier for your company. The form filed to obtain a USDOT number is the MCS-150, Motor Carrier Identification Report. Therefore, the MCS-150 asks for specific information about your motor carrier operation. The information you list on your MCS-150 also provides the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) with the details of your operation.

    The regulation requires MCS-150 information to be updated every two years, based on a schedule in §390.19 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSAs). In the past, many carriers received their US DOT number and didn’t go back to update their information. There were few consequences for this practice until the FMCSA began using a new safety measuring system. Furthermore, old or incorrect MCS-150 information can have serious consequences for your business.

    The FMCSA has implemented their new safety measurement system, Compliance, Safety, Accountability, referred to as CSA. Because of this change, updating your MCS-150 information has become critically important to your business. The information you provide on your MCS 150 is for calculating your safety performance within CSA’s Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories or BASICs. Inaccurate information can seriously impact your safety performance scores.

    Why Do I Need To Use The MCS 150 Form?

    If You would like to:Select Reason for Filing:
    File a formal MCS-150 Biennial Update or update MCS-150 informationBiennial Update or Changes
    Notify FMCSA that the company is no longer operating as an interstate Motor CarrrierOut of Business Notification
    Reapply after New Entrant Registration has been revoked (USDOT Number inactivated)Reapplication (After Revocation Of New Entrant)

      MCS-150 Update( Including Biennial)

      Name (First, Last):

      USDOT Number:

      USDOT Pin:


      Telephone Number:




      If you have any questions regarding the MCS 150 form, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-669-4383. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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