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    Toyota Verifies Electric and Hybrid Trucks are Coming Soon

    Toyota has confirmed that it is in fact developing electrified trucks. Moreover, it would include fully electric and hybrid models. This was announced this past Sunday and part of its electrification plans. The company, the Japanese manufacturer is not yet saying which model lines will receive these technologies. However, it says it “intends to bring electrification to its pickup truck lineup in the upcoming future. This would include hybrid and BEV powertrains.” Expected to debut later this year, the rumor does persist. That, in fact, third-generation full-size Tundra is expecting to debut later this year. It will be among other vehicles.

    Expansion of Electrified Models

    “Toyota is planning to expand to roughly 70 electrified models globally by 2025. This is according to the official press statement. Moreover, the forthcoming lineup is featuring 15 dedicating BEVs, consisting of seven carrying the BZ (Beyond Zero) alias.” “A new alphanumeric model-naming system, Beyond Zero, is introducing on the Toyota BZ4X electric SUV concept that debuts at this week’s Auto Shanghai 2021 expo in China. 

    Moreover, it is not at this point clear if any of these new all-electric or hybridized trucks will showcase the BZ moniker.

    Toyota has Been at the Forefront of Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Technology

    At the forefront of hybrid and plug-in, hybrid vehicle technology is what Toyota has been. The Japanese automaker has also been the runaway leader in global electrified vehicle sales. Though, despite that superior dominance, the company has been famously hesitant to offer a full BEV to combat its plethora of rivals including Nissan and Chevrolet. In fact, instead, Toyota decided to focus on niche hydrogen fuel-cell models, thus developing small-volume offerings like the Mirai sedan for what are select global markets like California. As a result, the concluding production version of the BZ4X compact crossover seen here will be the company’s first modern BEV offered for sale globally. In fact, Toyota has verified plans to build the model in both Japan and China for worldwide sales in 2022. 

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