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What is a TWIC Card?

The Transportation Worker Identification Credential – otherwise known as the TWIC program – is an initiative of the Transportation Security Administration and US Coast Guard.

The program, implemented back in April of 2009, had over 2,999,000 people enrolled as of May 2014.

Who is required to have a TWIC Card?

Essentially, the TWIC Card is required for workers who need access to specific secure areas of the US’s maritime facilities and vessels. If you need to access specific ports, then you need to apply for a TWIC Card.

How does the application process work?

Once you complete an online application, TSA will perform a background check to determine if you are eligible. They will also collect information, fingerprints, and a photograph from you.

You will have to provide this at one of the TWIC application centers nearest you. Then, they will issue you the proper credential.

The TWIC Card you receive contains a computer chip. This chip, also known as an Integrated Circuit Chip, contains your information and bio-metric data. This allows you to enter port facilities and other secure areas without an escort.

Let DOT help you!

For more information on the TWIC program, or to find out if you need to apply, contact us at DOT Operating Authority. Our live agents can walk you through the process and help you better understand all of the details.

We can assist you with all of your Registration needs. Simply give us a call today at 1-888-NOW-GETDOT.

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