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File BOC-3 Online

URS – Unified Registration System

The URS (Unified Registration System) is a new online registration system. Its purpose is to make the process of registration easier and more effective. It stores information on brokers, motor carriers, freight forwarders, EIPs, applicants and holders of hazardous materials safety permit and all other entities regulated by the agency. Legally, it is mandatory for all these entities to comply with the URS. Also, all the forms that are used for registration and updates will be made into a single “smart form”. The system is not complete yet, but when it is, it will handle all applications and updates to existing files.


unified registration system

What does this mean for you?

If you are a new applicant, you will be registered through the URS. If you already have a USDOT number or MC or FF number, your registration matters will be using the existing forms. The agency plans to add data on all existing entities as well, but as for now, the system is only available for registration of new applicants.


Who must comply with the URS rule?

– private and for-hire motor carriers

– brokers

– freight forwarders

– HMSP applicants and holders

– IEPs

– cargo tank manufacturing and repair facilities


Effective dates

For new applicants: December 12, 2015.

Existing entities: belong January 14, 2017, because more time is required for developing and updating the new system and verifying its reliability.

After the new system is fully implemented, all the entities, new and existing, will be required to use the new online system.


Let us help you comply with the URS!

Whether you are already registered or not, you have nothing to worry about: DOT Operating Authority will handle all your registration matters. We will help you comply with the URS, obtain a USDOT number or MC number, file form BOC-3 and get the right insurance policy. Also, we have a lot of experience working in the trucking industry. Furthermore, we are pros at assisting trucking companies, motor carriers, brokers and other businesses that use commercial vehicles. Whether you operate inside the US or cross the borders, our team will be happy to handle your paperwork. We can help you with registration or updates or other matters. Give us a call today at 1-888-NOW-GETDOT (1-888-669-4383) and let us see how we can assist your business. We are looking forward to hearing from you!