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recession trucking

Trucking Recession Goes Lower for 2020

January 10, 2020

The trucking recession has yet to slow down. With 2020 here, many are wondering where the next generation of truck drivers are. New Truckers Aren’t Filling the Gaps There are a number of reasons why the younger generations aren’t eager to join the trucking industry. From long nights away from home to the dangers of […]

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diesel prices

Diesel Prices May Increase in 2020

November 11, 2019

If approved, an impending mandate forcing sea vessels to burn cleaner fuel is expected to increase diesel prices next year. However, transportation experts are more worried about how this surge will affect the supply of diesel fuel for trucks. According to a report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, diesel prices could rise as much […]

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CARB Regulations for Trucks and Buses in 2020

October 28, 2019

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is in charge of obtaining and maintaining a healthy air quality in the state. One of their jobs is to make sure the public is protected from toxic contaminants in the air that might affect people’s health. As part of their new plan to ensure that vehicles with high […]

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Fuel Efficiency Roadshow

October 7, 2019

Since the usage of fuel has been an issue for quite some time, it was already time that it also hit the commercial trucking industry. And, especially, the short hauling companies. So, it is great news that the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) has decided to do a fuel-efficiency roadshow. 10 drivers have […]

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delivery deadlines

Suppliers and Carriers Facing New Tight Deadlines

September 4, 2019

Due to the ever-increasing appetite of consumers for speed when it comes to shipping, retailers like Walmart, Target, and e-commerce titans like Amazon.com, are now offering free one-day day delivery. Moreover, some of these companies are even presenting a same-day option if you possess a premium membership. Speedy delivery is all well and good, but […]

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FMCSA hours of service

FMCSA Publishes Hours of Service Proposal

August 21, 2019

In order to improve safety on America’s roadways, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued a notice of suggested changes to hours of service by revising the current regulations for commercial motor vehicle drivers.  As a matter of fact, the proposal seeks to increase safety by giving the nation’s […]

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emissions loophole

California Set to Close Emissions Loophole

July 26, 2019

It’s a fixture when you’re out driving on the highways. In fact, every time you witness it, it feels like a startling moment. You know what I’m talking about. Those dramatic clouds of sooty smoke shooting out from semis as they trudge up a hill or attempt a passing maneuver. In fact, sometimes these big […]

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truckers warn

Truckers Warn of Rocky Road Ahead

June 21, 2019

There’s no doubt this year has been super tough on the trucking industry. In fact, it’s been borderline brutal. Especially in light of how great 2018 turned out to be. This year retailers and manufacturers are moving far less freight. Or at least that’s according to data supplied by the Cass Freight Index. As it […]

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FMCSA hours of service

How to Inspect Your Truck Safely Before Every Trip

May 21, 2019

It should go without saying. Inspecting your truck is a crucial part of your job as a truck driver. This shouldn’t just be done whenever there’s an issue, or every once in a while. You need to be inspecting your truck before every single trip. It might sound like overkill. However, it’s always better to […]

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6 Best Snacks to Eat While on the Road

April 16, 2019

Do you often find yourself suffering from that afternoon energy slump? Maybe those long drives get your stomach growling more than you would like? Any trucker can tell you that it’s hard to stay healthy on the road. Unfortunately, those long hours and hectic schedules can really mess with your well-being. That’s why it’s good […]

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Breaking Down the New Tesla Truck Cockpit

March 22, 2019

It’s happening. The wait is finally over. For all those clamoring for a taste of the new Tesla semi-truck, interior pictures are now out floating on the internet. And, well, let’s just say the photos reveal an unconventional but very “Tesla” design-take on commercial trucking. Reddit user rygel_fievel got an up close and personal look […]

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Batmobile Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow 01

Mercedes-Benz’s Newest Supercar! Batmobile Brought to Life!

March 5, 2019

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your very own Batmobile? Well, Mercedes-Benz can let you drive like a super-hero! The company’s latest project was the EQ Silver Arrow 01. Mercedes-Benz is the first manufacturer to compete with a Formula 1 vehicle as well as a Formula E vehicle in racing. […]

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highway angels

Truck Driver Heroes: Honoring “Highway Angels”

February 7, 2019

For the last twenty years, Truckload Carriers Association has honored heroes in the trucking industry. They call this the Highway Angels program. While a trucker’s job is not to save lives, due to the nature of the work… sometimes truckers are in the right place at the right time. If no one else is around […]

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walmart truck drivers

Make 90 Grand a Year Truck Driving for Walmart

January 24, 2019

Yes, you read that right. Walmart is upping their pay grade for truck drivers… and they are hiring. Walmart truck drivers are actually among the best rewarded and paid in the industry, even before the raise. The new pay starts in February. Truck drivers are going to receive one cent more per mile. Additionally, they […]

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Truck technology

The Newest in Trucker Technology!

January 10, 2019

With self-driving trucks becoming more of a possibility, Daimler is aiming for self-driving trucks in 10 years. Therefore, this calls for trucking companies to make renovations, now! The company, Daimler, has now established their first class 8 truck with level 2 driver’s assistance. This new assistance offers adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistance. Unfortunately, […]

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auto industry

What’s Really Wrong with the Auto Industry

December 19, 2018

Even though auto sales are close to a record high in the United States, the American auto industry isn’t doing too great. This is because American automakers now have too many factories. And these factoriesmake cars that Americans don’t really want anymore. Auto plants in the U.S. have the capacity to make more cars than […]

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Truck Driver Shortage May Be a Cause for Alarm

November 26, 2018

The shortage of truck drivers has steadily increased and has been a blow to the trucking industry. This causes elevated pricing on freight services, such as a car carrier’s cost to ship a car. Many problems can be prevented with the better treatment of delivery drivers themselves and a development of the career. Although there […]

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driverless cars and trucks DOT

Driverless Cars and Trucks: New Updated Policy and Changes

October 8, 2018

The driverless vehicle policy updated on Thursday by the Trump administration.   The latter will not insist on the fact that a commercial motor vehicle driver has to be a human or that a trucker or anyone else has to be in the cab.   The administration is going to work on making the process […]

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truck drivers

How to Make it Work? Young Veterans and Driver-less Trucks Changing the Game

August 23, 2018

*Read the breakdown of the newest Tesla Trucks here. The first thing you think about when it comes to the pilot program of military-trained, under 21 CDL holders to drive across state lines is easing out the driver shortage. But, have a seat and consider the workforce numbers that will grow due to this program. […]

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trucking news elds

Why Electronic Logging Device Mandate Era Will Stick Till the End

August 15, 2018

It has been eight months since drivers using electronic logging device (ELD) mandate and it’s becoming clearer. Also, it’s both greater and less than anticipated.   When ELDs were coming into our era, it was widely expected that tens of thousands of truckers would turn in their keys and quit trucking for good after the […]

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trucking news

Free Health Screenings and More Available at GATS: Check Out the Offerings

August 8, 2018

At the Great American Trucking Show, the Landstar Health and Wellness Pavilion connects truck drivers with health screenings free of charge. Also, you can find advice on how to get the most out of cooking on the truck about nutrition and fitness.   This year, the pavilion will also provide chiropractic care, mammogram screenings, DOT […]

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trucking news

PeopleNet Announcing First Debut of Display.5 for Commercial Trucking Industry

July 31, 2018

A Trimble Company and leading provider of fleet mobility technology, PeopleNet announced the debut of the PeopleNet Display.5 (PD.5). As being an Android-powered, its fixed-mount display is built specifically for the rigors of the commercial trucking industry.   General manager of PeopleNet said “The introduction of the PeopleNet Display.5 provides customers with additional choices and […]

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DOT Is Launching a New Program for Young Veterans (18-21)

July 16, 2018

Earlier this month, DOT had made an announcement about their new pilot program for young teens.   The program would give military veterans or reservists that are ages 18 to 21 the opportunity to be in the trucking industry. These young adults will be able to operate commercial vehicles interstate if accepted to be a […]

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trucking news

Software as a Vulnerable Point in Autonomous Trucking Industry

July 5, 2018

*Read about the newest Trucker Technology here. It is a disaster when a computer or smartphone crashes, then imagine the what will happen if the software powering an autonomous truck unexpectedly freezes or shuts down. The potential for software to cause crashes of a much more violent and deadly variety is rising to the top […]

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trucking shortage

Younger Drivers to Help Solve Trucking Shortage Problem

June 22, 2018

*For the new generation of Truck Drivers, click here, to read how to inspect your truck safely before every trip. Doing trucking job is a tough one. Spending a long time away from home and earning low wages (the average pay for an interstate truck driver is $43,663 per year, according to PayScale.com) are major […]

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trucking news DOT

Trucking Groups Blast ELD Exception Charge for Agricultural Carriers

June 13, 2018

The Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety and The Trucking Alliance have written senators asking them to oppose legislation introduced in May that would exempt livestock haulers from ELD requirements.   The bill, “The Transporting Livestock Across America Safely Act (S. 2938),” was introduced on May 23 by Sen. Benjamin Sasse (R-NE). In their letter, […]

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truckers against trafficking

Truckers Against Trafficking: California Trucking Association Joins the Battle

May 23, 2018

The California Trucking Association has joined a task force whose mission is to battle human trafficking.   On Tuesday, the association announced that it joined Sacramento Together. The announcement at Sacramento 49er Travel Plaza came alongside the district attorneys of Sacramento and Yolo counties, as well as the California Highway Patrol and Truckers Against Trafficking. […]

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trucking news

A California Trucking Company and Two Employees Charged with Killing 1 and Injuring Multiple

May 1, 2018

A California trucking company owner and two employees have been indicted by a federal grand jury following a 2014 gasoline tanker explosion that killed one man and severely injured another.   The indictment charges 59-year-old trucking company owner Carl Bradley Johansson, 43-year-old Enrique “Henry” Garcia, and 66-year-old Donald Cameron Spicer. The indictment also charged the […]

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eld mandate

ELD: Truck Drivers Operating Without One May Now be Put Out of Service

April 4, 2018

Property-carrying commercial motor vehicle drivers operating their vehicle without a required registered electronic logging device (ELD) or a grandfathered automatic onboard recording device (AOBRD) will be placed out of service for 10 hours, now that the April 1 “hard enforcement” deadline has passed on the electronic logging device mandate.   ELD violations will be recorded […]

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electronic logging device eld

How Electronic Logging Device Changes Trucking Industry

March 29, 2018

Many truckers and industry insiders thought that a federal rule enacted late last year that requires truckers to use electronic logging devices to track driving time would disrupt freight and logistics. It hasn’t happened. This is how the device changes it all.   • Growth of Employment Drivers threatened to leave the industry, but they […]

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new york new jersey truck ban

New York and New Jersey Semi-Trucks “Banned until Further Notice”

March 22, 2018

Tractor trailers ban has been instated in New York and New Jersey yet another winter storm bears down on the East coast.   The ban in New Jersey began at 8:00 p.m. on March 20th and the New York ban began at around 6:00 a.m. on March 21st.         In New Jersey, […]

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Texas semi-trucks

West Texas Town to Ban Semi-Trucks

March 16, 2018

Semi-trucks traveling across Texas will soon be banned from entering the city limits of Odessa.   Traffic Coordinator in the City of Odessa, Texas, Hal Feldman says that the idea for the truck ban has been in the planning stages for over a year, but that, by the end of March, signs alerting truck drivers […]

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truckers needed

There Are Not Enough Truckers: Drivers’ Shortage is Getting Worse

February 20, 2018

Surging transportation demand is spurring trucking companies to charge as much as 30% more for long-distance routes compared with prices a year ago, and they’re hard pressed to add capacity because of a long-standing shortage of drivers. The labor scarcity is getting worse because of new federal rules to prevent big-rig operators from exceeding limits […]

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Trucking Business

Why Trucking Businesses Fail?

February 2, 2018

Trucking companies are taking big space in the automotive industry. However, there are some actions that make those businesses fail. Here are some of the fails that trucking businesses do:               Poor Management Recruit the services of a professional management team, or a bookkeeping service in order to help you […]

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ELD Mandate, Driver Shortage Spur All-Time Record Trailer Orders in December

January 15, 2018

Citing preliminary data from trailer makers, the research firm FTR reported that trailer orders in December hit an all-time high of 47,000 units, led by purchases of dry vans, as freight demand outpaced available equipment.   According to FTR December orders, are anticipated to exceed the previous high of 45,800 reached in October 2014; total […]

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Christmas Trucking

Useful Tips for Truckers During the Holiday Season

December 22, 2017

Trucking during the holiday season can be very rewarding, as countless items need to rapidly make it from one place to another for restaurants, stores and shoppers. While trucking can be profitable during these months, it can also be dangerous as more drivers are on the road. For the drivers that do have the opportunity […]

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ELD mandate

Truckers Views about New Mandate Requiring ELDs

November 3, 2017

Less than two months remained until a federal rule will require truckers to transit from paper logs to ELDs (electronic logging devices). Though there are some commercial trucks that have already equipped with ELDs, there are still many truckers who don’t have ELDs and have concerns over this mandate. Here are some listens to the […]

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Driver Shortage

How Long The US Trucking Industry Will Suffer From Driver Shortage?

October 23, 2017

For the first time U.S. trucking companies and other industry stakeholders recognized an increasing lack of truck drivers to be one of the most serious concerns facing the industry. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) estimates the current deficit at 48,000 with the total rising to 175,000 by 2025.   The driver shortage passed last year’s […]

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DOT Inspection

What are the Levels of DOT Inspection and Recommendations for Success?

October 16, 2017

Like it or not getting a DOT truck inspection is required part of the job. The current blog will give you the tips as well as actionable recommendations on what to expect and how to get prepared for DOT truck inspection both roadside and at a check station. Some portion of truckers can’t stand DOT […]

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Why must ELD Training apply not only to truckers but to the whole trucking personnel?

September 22, 2017

According to trucking industry leaders who have implemented ELD (electronic logging device) mandate over the recent few years, there is a need to train people at all levels of a trucking industry on the ELD mandate. The federal ELD rule which is going into forth since Dec. 18, requires that all commercial drivers are mandated […]

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Should visit your DOT physical and don’t know how to lower your blood pressure? The following 5 recommendations are for you!

September 13, 2017

So, it is the time that you should visit your DOT physical and you are concerned since you have blood pressure related problems. Usually, you can lower your blood pressure by a mixture of diet and exercises. Be noted that some portion of people used to keep their hypertension with drugs, while others prefer to […]

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Got ELD? Then Get Prepared for Higher Charges!

August 8, 2017

You like it or not ELDs are on their way. Do you think it’s a good news? Charges would go up. Here are the reasons why. One of the disadvantages of ELD is that you cannot drive as many miles in a day as you did with the paper log. This is especially true when […]

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Electronic Logging Device Implementation National Tour is declared by FMCSA. Why are truckers’ views so contradicting?

July 19, 2017

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) declared about its electronic logging device (ELD) Implementation National Tour. It’s a public education movement which goal is to help CMV (commercial motor vehicle) drivers to transit from paper logs to ELDs. According to the FMCA estimation, ELDs will put a stop to 1,844 […]

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Our Deteriorating Roads Are Costing The Trucking Industry $50 Billion and Our Nation’s Economy $83 Billion Annually. What Now?

May 11, 2017

What is wrong with our roads? The real question is, what is not wrong with our roads? The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gave our roads a “D” grade. According to the ASCE, one in nine of the bridges in our nation have a weak structure. Political leaders, along with the citizens of our […]

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