Trucking Business

Why Trucking Businesses Fail?

Trucking companies are taking big space in the automotive industry. However, there are some actions that make those businesses fail. Here are some of the fails that trucking businesses do:               Poor Management Recruit the services of a professional management team, or a bookkeeping service in order to help you […]

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ELD Mandate, Driver Shortage Spur All-Time Record Trailer Orders in December

Citing preliminary data from trailer makers, the research firm FTR reported that trailer orders in December hit an all-time high of 47,000 units, led by purchases of dry vans, as freight demand outpaced available equipment.   According to FTR December orders, are anticipated to exceed the previous high of 45,800 reached in October 2014; total […]

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Christmas Trucking

Useful Tips for Truckers During the Holiday Season

Trucking during the holiday season can be very rewarding, as countless items need to rapidly make it from one place to another for restaurants, stores and shoppers. While trucking can be profitable during these months, it can also be dangerous as more drivers are on the road. For the drivers that do have the opportunity […]

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ELD mandate

Truckers Views about New Mandate Requiring ELDs

Less than two months remained until a federal rule will require truckers to transit from paper logs to ELDs (electronic logging devices). Though there are some commercial trucks that have already equipped with ELDs, there are still many truckers who don’t have ELDs and have concerns over this mandate. Here are some listens to the […]

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Driver Shortage

How Long The US Trucking Industry Will Suffer From Driver Shortage?

For the first time U.S. trucking companies and other industry stakeholders recognized an increasing lack of truck drivers to be one of the most serious concerns facing the industry. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) estimates the current deficit at 48,000 with the total rising to 175,000 by 2025.   The driver shortage passed last year’s […]

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DOT Inspection

What are the Levels of DOT Inspection and Recommendations for Success?

Like it or not getting a DOT truck inspection is required part of the job. The current blog will give you the tips as well as actionable recommendations on what to expect and how to get prepared for DOT truck inspection both roadside and at a check station. Some portion of truckers can’t stand DOT […]

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Why must ELD Training apply not only to truckers but to the whole trucking personnel?

According to trucking industry leaders who have implemented ELD (electronic logging device) mandate over the recent few years, there is a need to train people at all levels of a trucking industry on the ELD mandate. The federal ELD rule which is going into forth since Dec. 18, requires that all commercial drivers are mandated […]

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Should visit your DOT physical and don’t know how to lower your blood pressure? The following 5 recommendations are for you!

So, it is the time that you should visit your DOT physical and you are concerned since you have blood pressure related problems. Usually, you can lower your blood pressure by a mixture of diet and exercises. Be noted that some portion of people used to keep their hypertension with drugs, while others prefer to […]

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Got ELD? Then Get Prepared for Higher Charges!

You like it or not ELDs are on their way. Do you think it’s a good news? Charges would go up. Here are the reasons why. One of the disadvantages of ELD is that you cannot drive as many miles in a day as you did with the paper log. This is especially true when […]

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Electronic Logging Device Implementation National Tour is declared by FMCSA. Why are truckers’ views so contradicting?

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) declared about its electronic logging device (ELD) Implementation National Tour. It’s a public education movement which goal is to help CMV (commercial motor vehicle) drivers to transit from paper logs to ELDs. According to the FMCA estimation, ELDs will put a stop to 1,844 […]

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Our Deteriorating Roads Are Costing The Trucking Industry $50 Billion and Our Nation’s Economy $83 Billion Annually. What Now?

What is wrong with our roads? The real question is, what is not wrong with our roads? The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gave our roads a “D” grade. According to the ASCE, one in nine of the bridges in our nation have a weak structure. Political leaders, along with the citizens of our […]

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