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We Are DOT Operating Authority

DOT Operating Authority offers full-spectrum consulting and filing services. Our focus is to guide new and existing customers through multiple registration processes. DOT Operating Authority agents work hard to guarantee consistent customer satisfaction. The purpose is to help create a safer and more effective driving environment for everyone. Our staff works hard to make sure our customers get the most accurate information on regulations and registrations.

We remain a number 1 contact with the FMCSA. We pride ourselves on providing the most accurate and up-to-date information for our clients.

Our History

The company’s founder has been providing exceptional services in the field of auto transportation for the past 13 years. It is a family business for the Auto Transport Industry. We came to help truck drivers across the US with their commercial registrations and filings since 2017. The company has grown to meet the needs of each individual commercial truck driver.

Throughout the years, while continuing to provide excellence in the transportation and shipping services, we encountered the same difficulties that many face now when attempting to start in the trucking industry. This has set the precedent for how important DOT Operating Authority can be for prospecting business owners. 

A Professional Team with Professional Service!

We operate within multiple groups that focus on permits, licenses, registrations, and filings. Our agents maintain extensive knowledge and quality understanding of the requirements for filing applications for permits, obtaining operating authorities, and registering the proper documentation for your needs.

DOT Operating Authority Today

Our company relies on the referrals of our loyal customers! Without having satisfied customers, we would not be able to obtain the rate of success that we have today. The purpose is to assist our customers with a full-spectrum registration platform for all commercial auto business needs. Our customers and their interactions with our staff are the backbone of our success and we strive to inform prospecting clients in every aspect of the trucking industry. This works to benefit both long term and prospecting business owners.

Be a part of our history by calling DOT Operating Authority today at (888) 669-4383!
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