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(Valid for 10 days only)

It is a requirement in the state of Oregon that trucking companies and owner-operators obtain Oregon Truck Permits even if motor carriers have an IFTA license. To get started on filing for Oregon Truck Permits, click here.

The following are Oregon truck permits:

Heavy Motor Vehicle Trip Permit

Trip permits must be obtained PRIOR to operation. Motor carriers need this permit if:

  • The vehicle’s gross weight is over 26,000 pounds and\or has 3 axles.
  • The vehicle(s) does not have registration (expired or no plates).
  • Oregon does not appear on the registration cab card.

    Note:  The registration or Cab Card must be obtained by the truck driver for information.

Heavy Trailer Trip Permit

Trailers that are not registered already, are required to obtain a permit.

Temporary Pass

This permit is issued to motor carriers when:

  • Validate payment of the weight-mile tax is received upfront.
  • The combined gross weight of a truck, trailer, and load exceed 26,000 pounds.

    Note:  Temporary Passes for an account has a maximum number of five or more for one unit or 35 in a rolling 12 month period.

Temporary Registration Weight Increase

These will temporarily increase the Commercial or Apportioned registration weight of a vehicle for a period of 10 days. The following credentials will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

  • Declare tax paid at a higher weight for the vehicle.
  • Obtain an oversize or overweight permit when operating over 80,000 pounds and/or legal load dimensions.
  • Get a special permit such as Road Use Assessment Fees by way of a Single Trip Permit.

Temporary Enrollment Document

  • Issue by MCTD or by way of Oregon Trucking Online when the vehicle is subject to weight-mile tax and currently has no base plate on the vehicle.
  • When the base plate is received and mounted, this temporary enrollment document must be canceled and the vehicle must be enrolled in Oregon’s Weight-Mile Tax Program with the current plate number.

Hazardous Materials
Information regarding a permit for transporting Hazardous materials is available on the Oregon State Truck Safety web page.

Required Information to Obtain Oregon Truck Permits

  • USDOT number (If you don’t have one, apply with us now)
  • Date(s) of travel
  • Driver(s) full legal name(s)
  • Route Travel or the number of miles to purchase.
  • Commodities.
  • Vehicle Information
  • Power unit base plate.
  • Jurisdiction.
  • Type.
  • Year.
  • Make.
  • 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number
  • Unit number.
  • Odometer.
  • Truck own or lease information.
  • Registered weight.
  • Operating weight — The heaviest weight at which the vehicle will operate during the 10-day permit.
  • Registration Cab Card — Apportioned Registration.
  • Registration — Temporary or Registration Trip Permit.
  • Method of payment — credit card (Visa or MasterCard only).
  • Fax number or email address to send the registration and/or permit.


  • Temporary Passes are set up for short-term use only.
  • Motor carriers are responsible for all tax enrollment under their account, including vehicles under lease or rent.
  • When a carrier will not be operating in Oregon, it is advisable to cancel tax enrollment.

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