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    What is Kentucky Weight Distance Permit?

    The Kentucky Weight Distance Tax permit (KYU) is calculated based on the miles that your vehicles travel through in the state of Kentucky. It is a requirement to obtain a one-time temporary KYU Permit or file the Kentucky Weight Distance if you operate a vehicle with a licensed weight greater than 59,999 pounds that operate through Kentucky.  Both of these can be obtained by contacting DOT Operating Authority. Our filing agents have years of experience helping heavy vehicle operators file their paperwork. We help to save you time in order for all of your filings to be done on time.

    Below are the official Due Dates for Kentucky Weight Distance Permit Tax Filing:

    It is important to note that the KYU mandates that carriers file for each quarter regardless of if they have traveled to Kentucky for that period.

    1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th Quarter




    Due on April 1st, late on May 1stApril,




    Due on July 1st, late on August 1stJuly,




    Due on October 1st, late on November 1stOctober,




    Due on January 1st, late on February 1st

    KYU Number

    An IFTA license must be filed in Kentucky if a motor carrier is based in Kentucky and operates one or more qualified motor vehicles in at least one other IFTA jurisdiction. It is required to obtain a trip permit through member jurisdictions for IFTA qualifying carriers that do not want to participate in the IFTA program, according to the regulations and fees of each member jurisdiction.  If a carrier does not operate outside of Kentucky, then they will be issued a Kentucky Intrastate Tax (KIT) license.

    Requirements before Obtaining KYU number:

    There are a number of requirements that you must meet before obtaining your KYU number. First, you must register as an Interstate carrier via your USDOT number. Second, You must have an “active” MC number if you are for-hire. Lastly, you must have obtained a UCR (Unified Carrier Registration) for your company. You will be unable to file if you do not have a current year UCR on file.

    Once you receive the KYU number, the KYU taxes must file quarterly and in a timely manner in order to keep your authorization active. DOT Operating Authority is a licensed agency that helps motor carriers obtain all Weight Distance Tax registrations.  All quarterly reports are due on the last day of the month following the end of the quarter.

    If you fail to meet the Filing Requirements:

    Failure to file your 1st quarter of the KYU will lose their KYU license if the required taxes are not paid immediately.  If your KYU license is canceled, then motor carriers are required to pay a Failure to File Free and a Post a Bond to reinstate their license.

    DOT Operating Authority Can Help you Obtain a Kentucky Weight Distance Tax Permit

    We here at DOT Operating Authority process all registration paperwork for your business. Our agents have years of experience filing all registrations for motor carrier authorities. We are experts in the Trucking industry. We help truckers, brokers, motor carriers, and other businesses that utilize heavy vehicles. Call us today and we can assist you with registrations, filings, updates or other matters. Call us at (888) 669-4383 now!

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