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MC Number

An MC Number identifies a carrier who transports regulated commodities for hire in interstate commerce and is a requirement from the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). Oftentimes, an MC Number is needed along with your active USDOT Number if you are an individual or you own a trucking company and want to operate in interstate commerce.

mc number

You are going to need to obtain this operating authority if your company:

  Provides transportation for passengers in interstate commerce for compensation, that can be direct or indirect;

  operates as a for-hire carrier in interstate commerce or a broker.


There are several types of FMCSA authority, such as MC, MX, and FF.  It is very possible that you are going to need more than one operating authority to be able to run your business legally, depending on what kind of operations you run and what cargo you carry.

Who Needs an MC Number?

If you are a Mexico-domiciled motor carrier that crosses the U.S Border, you must have a valid FMCSA assigned MX number along with, a valid FMCSA Certificate of Registration for commercial-zone operations, or long-haul Provisional or Standard Operating Authority Registration, and a USDOT number regardless of the distance traveled into the U.S.

Do you need to get an authority to operate?

It is important to choose only the types of authority that your business needs. This is essential not just to be able to run a business legally but to get the right type and level of insurance.

It is not mandatory to have operating authority if you are:

  • a private carrier, meaning you only haul your own cargo;
  • a for-hire carrier that only transports cargo that is not regulated federally;
  • a carrier operating only within a federally designated commercial zone that is not subject to interstate authority rules.

At DOT Operating Authority we will be happy to help you get an MC Number and any other type of authority your company needs. Our team is always here to assist you with all kinds of DOT matters, such as getting a USDOT Number, registration, insurance, and many others.

How long does it take to get an MC Number?

You can apply for a USDOT Number and MC Number at the same time.  In case you already have a USDOT Number and you have access to your USDOT Number account, you must only apply for an MC Number. However, if you don’t have access (pin) to your USDOT Number account, you can get an MC Number in a paper version which will take approximately 1 hour.

If you are activating your MC Number, you need to file a BOC – 3 form and insurance filings with the FMCSA. Only after both are on file with the FMCSA will they process the Operating Authority application and activate your MC Number within 3-4 weeks.

With DOT Operating Authority it will be simple for you to comply with the FMCSA regulations in every way. You can check up on the status of your application by calling our office. Our representatives will always provide you with updates and all the information you need. Our work is fast and professional, and all your DOT matters will be taken care of.

Give us a call. We will be happy to hear from you!

To learn more about what a Motor Carrier number is, check out the video below!