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Self-Driving Trucks Not Putting Drivers Out Of Work For Good Reason

There's supposed to be some big revolution happening on the part of the tech companies for trucking. That crazy amount of money is going to be contributed to the thousands upon thousands of new patents that have been filed past the last five years. Meanwhile, manned machins still have a stronghold on the future. However, a study from Patent Forecast shows that while there was competition and innovation coming in…

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Pininfarina will Design the Hercules Alpha Electric Pickup

Pininfarina, the Italian design house, has been tapping to design an all-electric pickup truck from the Detroit startup Hercules Electric Vehicles. Pininfaria Partnership Dubbed the Alpha is the first vehicle from Hercules. It has been previewing with a few design sketches. There are very few details of this partnership. It has been announcing but it is understood that Pininfarina is going to design the Alpha. In fact, plus many other…

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Insurance Rising For Truckers As U.S. Senate Committee Makes Overhaul

As it turns out, the United States Senate Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation has made approval occur for a trucker's highway funding bill, including some provisions and amendments. This is not so usual. But it's indicative of more changes in the logistics industry. The Senate cares not to include minimum liability insurance. However, by passing the committee vote from a 25-3, the bill then moves to the Senate floor…

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Liam Neeson Is A Truck-Driver In A Netflix Thriller Called “The Ice Road.”

Liam Neeson is a well-known actor. He's been in plenty of films, from "Taken," to "Schindler's List." He's known for these action packed movies and playing serious-as-cancer roles. The thing is, you look at him and you wonder what hasn't he done as far as a film role goes. And some examples of movies that he hasn't starred in a role as include a clown, a waitress and a communist.…

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Volvo Truck Plant Is Just Now Seeing The End Of Union Strike

Volvo and their New River Valley truck assembly plant may very well have seen the end of their feud with the United Auto Workers. Both parties have decidedly met an agreement last week being that "in conjunction with the tentative agreement, the UAW has ended its strike against the NRV plant, effective 7:00 a.m. [EST] on April 30, 2021." The thing about this statement is that it comes hot off…

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Amazon Opting To Deliver Furniture With White-Glove Delivery Tactics

Amazon has to take care of some more conscientious methods of rolling out business. Specifically with white-glove services. In which case, a 63 percentile of truck deliveries have used when designating home delivery and setup. More Americans these days seem to buy large items from home. But now they're looking for the whole package. Well, at least for the whole package to be assembled. The online furniture market is specific…

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Pay Rate Is Going Up, Up, Up For Truckers And That’s Really, Really Good

According to various companies, pay rate is going up for truckers. This is particularly good news for OTR drivers with pay rates between a certain centage. 59 and 65 cents for every mile depending on experience levels. The pay rate happens to use "practical miles." The company mentioned that “an average of 3-5% more than pay based on short route miles.” This increase also applies to owner-operator drivers each looking…

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Elaine Chao, Former FMCSA Boss, Under Fire For Using DOT Resources

Elaine Chao has been undergoing accusations that the Department of Transportation was under her control with the wrong intentions. During her tenure as the U.S. DOT Secretary, Chao was known to use her position to benefit her relatives' shipping services. This apparently violates the requirement in the role to adhere to federal ethics. The following report is able to dismiss the complaints against Chao. Which also involves the accusation that…

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Wilson Logistics Get Some Goodness! Feds Give A Little Grant

Thank goodness Wilson Logistics has it figured out! A brand new federal exemption is going to give Wilson Logistics more flexibility! Primarily, this concerns the drivers whom have held commercial learner’s permits (CLPs). This is in order to keep on participating within revenue-generating loads. The carrier sought the exemption from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to allow CLP holders who have passed the commercial driver’s license (CDL) skills…

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Hours Violation: Which States Won’t Give Breaks To Truckers

It's so strange how a shift in the times can just change everything. Once, you're sitting in the dumps. Next, you're ruling the town in proper pumps. All this to say, a proper projection of the following map, with federal data sourced by RigDig Data Company, shows sure and well how all violations issued by state truck enforcement departments show various mandates. These have shifted especially thanks to the ELD…

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