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Pay Rate Is Going Up, Up, Up For Truckers And That’s Really, Really Good

According to various companies, pay rate is going up for truckers. This is particularly good news for OTR drivers with pay rates between a certain centage. 59 and 65 cents for every mile depending on experience levels. The pay rate happens to use "practical miles." The company mentioned that “an average of 3-5% more than pay based on short route miles.” This increase also applies to owner-operator drivers each looking…

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Elaine Chao, Former FMCSA Boss, Under Fire For Using DOT Resources

Elaine Chao has been undergoing accusations that the Department of Transportation was under her control with the wrong intentions. During her tenure as the U.S. DOT Secretary, Chao was known to use her position to benefit her relatives' shipping services. This apparently violates the requirement in the role to adhere to federal ethics. The following report is able to dismiss the complaints against Chao. Which also involves the accusation that…

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Wilson Logistics Get Some Goodness! Feds Give A Little Grant

Thank goodness Wilson Logistics has it figured out! A brand new federal exemption is going to give Wilson Logistics more flexibility! Primarily, this concerns the drivers whom have held commercial learner’s permits (CLPs). This is in order to keep on participating within revenue-generating loads. The carrier sought the exemption from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to allow CLP holders who have passed the commercial driver’s license (CDL) skills…

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Hours Violation: Which States Won’t Give Breaks To Truckers

It's so strange how a shift in the times can just change everything. Once, you're sitting in the dumps. Next, you're ruling the town in proper pumps. All this to say, a proper projection of the following map, with federal data sourced by RigDig Data Company, shows sure and well how all violations issued by state truck enforcement departments show various mandates. These have shifted especially thanks to the ELD…

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Trucking In The Future: 2021 Itinerary Of Change A Plenty

This past year has just been problem after problem for the World at large. As well as trucking. I mean, there were truckers who got laid off! Not to mention a truck that was attacked during a protest and all the intense pressure to deliver essential goods while not getting sick. How can anyone expect to live proper when the whole landscape of everything you held dear to yourself has…

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Trucking 2021 Outlook Comes With Different Projections

Trucking markets according to several analysts have published transportation outlook reports that are calling for ongoing strength. The favorable truckload fundamentals were in the latter half of 2020 will continue to be unchanged throughout 2021 Moreover, there are others that think the TL grade is going toward a more substantial industrial recovery. This supports a bettering freight environment for less-than-truckload carriers and the railroads. Trucking Potential for an Industrial Uptick…

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CDC Thinks Truckers Are The First-In-Line for COVID-19 Vaccine

As corona virus gets worse, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) watches out for more plans to spread the vaccine to stop the disease-spread. This is specific to select groups of folks if/when supplies lack. Truckers, among other essential workers, could be the first recipients. I suppose we oughta ask the age-old question: "why me?" Or rather, why them? Truckers, believe it or not, have proven very helpful during the…

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President-Elect Joe Biden Might Cause A Shock wave Of Electric Cars

Well, it's official. We have a new era of good vibes to look forward to, now that President Trump will be leaving the White House this coming January. But in the meantime, this gives the American people ample opportunity to check out the policies of President-Elect Joe Biden and see what his whole platform is about. Joe has spoken volumes about a supposed $2 trillion climate agenda that would show…

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Hummer EV is Revealed To Be A Sports Utility Truck for the Ages!

In case you live under a rock, General Motors just had a virtual parade for their newest Hummer model. The 2022 GMC Hummer EV is a brand new edition to the long-made-fun-of line of heavy-duty vehicles. There are plenty of different new specs to the car that were not there before. We’ll be lucky to get a peek at what the big hullabaloo in this video that was live streaming…

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BorgWarner Has Completed its Acquisition of Delphi Technologies

BorgWarner has announced the completion of its acquisition of Delphi Technologies. Legend has it, this combination of BorgWarner and Delphi Technologies is will strengthen BorgWarner’s electronics and power electronics products, capabilities, and scale. Therefore, creating a leader in the electrified propulsion system. BorgWarner believes it is next-in-line to take advantage of future propulsion migration, according to an announcement. BorgWarner, Delphi Technologies Comprehensive Portfolio Frederic Lissalde, BorgWarner President and CEO, states…

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