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Coronavirus: Affecting The Trucking Industry

Wuhan, China – The Coronavirus – which has spread to almost 17,000 people so far, has put more strain on markets outside of the country. With a large percentage of exports from China now on hold due to influenza, many shippers and trucking professionals around the world are feeling the impact of a quarantined city.

Exports from Wuhan as well as the surrounding cities that are also under the quarantine restrictions have been put on a large-scale hold. This is due to the extent of the spread of the virus. Many are left without receiving any goods being shipped from China. This has shown in not only the Chinese markets but global markets as well.

The Coronavirus has the potential to shave off .5% to upwards of 1%of China’s GDP. This implies that any industry around the world has the potential to take a hit. namely, the trucking industry will have a significant decrease in what they will ship. This will continue until the virus has been contained and exterminated.

With fewer products being shipped from major cities in China, the revelation of how important overseas industries are for international business.

With America still well within a trucking recession, this will only act to exacerbate the issues facing many within the industry. Without having a stable influx of truckers, then businesses will continue to shrink their staffing and replace it with more affordable and effectively optimized methods.

This has also acted as a deterrent for potential new truckers. As many are typically dissuaded from the career path of a trucker for more self-fulfilling jobs, the idea of contacting a virus has shown to further decrease the appeal of the position.

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