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CSAT – Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing

In order to obtain a Motor Carrier Permit (MCP), compliance with the Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing program (CSAT) is required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. As an employer, it is imperative that you identify drivers who use drugs or alcohol while on the job.  It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that no employee operates a motor vehicle until they have successfully completed a rehabilitation and return-to-duty program. It is mandatory that all owner-operators comply with the CSAT.

The test requires a urine sample for testing drugs as well as a breath test for alcohol.

A business can obtain a test if:

– pre-employment testing;

– reasonable suspicion testing;

– post-accident testing;

– random testing.

If a motor vehicle operator violates these regulations, it is a mandatory requirement for the operator to complete a return-to-duty program before they return to operate a commercial vehicle. The operator in violation must follow-up with testing for at least a year.

If the operator refuses to take a CSAT test, they automatically test positive.

Controlled substances include marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, opiates and PCP (Phencyclidine). Consuming alcohol while or within a 4-hour time span prior to driving a commercial vehicle.


Let DOT Operating Authority Help You With All Registrations

DOT Operating Authority can help your business comply with all possible registrations and authorities. We can help you obtain a CA Number, EPN, MCP, and CA HAZMAT. Our agents have full knowledge of all registration services. They have been working within the trucking industry and have years of experience! Our agents are more than happy to receive your call and will be glad to help any questions that you may have. When it comes time to register, you won’t need to feel nervous when the inspection is coming – DOT Operating Authority can take care of everything for you!

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