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File BOC-3 Online

Get Authority To Operate

What is operating authority? It is a legal permission granted by the government to engage in for-hire transportation (within state limits or state to state). You can think of it as a business license for a motor carrier or broker. If you operate without authority, you risk paying huge civil penalties and even being placed out-of-service. It is your legal obligation to get authority to operate before engaging in interstate commerce. There are several types of authority, and it is crucial to obtain the right one in order to comply with federal regulations.

How to Get Authority to Operate?

Before filling out applications, you should choose your business name and create a business entity for your company, such as a corporation, LLC, sole partnership, or other. Then, to gain approval for authority, you need to submit proof of insurance – read about the insurance requirements. Next, you need to file a BOC-3 form and secure a process agent for every state you operate in. There are also Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax, IFTA, Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing, as well as other state regulations.


Without a doubt, it can sound complicated. Such paperwork requires time, knowledge, and precision to details. But don’t worry! At DOT Operating Authority we will help you with every step of obtaining your operating authority. We will save you time and stress by assisting you with filings and applications, while providing professional advice. Our team has years of experience in the trucking industry and knows all its ins and outs. With DOT Operating Authority, you can rest assured you will get your authority to operate as soon as possible, and without any hassle!

To get more information and start the process of getting operating authority, call our office and talk to one of our representatives. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


For more information on the different types of Interstate Authority, watch the video below.