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    Forming a Corporation in Hawaii

    Hawaii State Corp Filing

    Every state has a different set of laws and regulations in place. So, in most cases no two states are the same. Due to that, you must be familiar with the set of rules present when dealing with Hawaii State Corp Filing. If your state of choice corporation is Hawaii, DOT Operating Authority can help you with all the details. There are many steps in the process. First, we will research the availability of your company name. Also, our company can help you prepare and file your Articles of Incorporation with the Hawaii Secretary State. We can also assist with many of your follow-up needs such as amendment filings. Furthermore, we can help you with written consents and annual report preparation and filing.

    Hawaii Corporate Name Requirements

    In order to be a successful corporation in Hawaii, your name cannot be confused with any existing names. You also cannot use any reserved, or registered corporate names. All in all, DOT Operating Authority is here to make sure that you get the perfect name for your Hawaii State Corp Filing. We will also conduct full research and make sure to meet all of Hawaii’s requirements.

    Permitted Designations: There are several approved designations that corporate names can be followed by, which include:

    • Corp.
    • Corporation
    • Inc.
    • Incorporated
    • Limited
    • Ltd.

    Restricted Designations: There are certain words and phrases that cannot be in corporate names. These are considered “restricted” in Hawaii and therefore require special approval. They include:

    • Banc
    • Bank
    • Banker
    • Banking
    • Certified Public Accountant
    • Citius Altius Fortius
    • Cooperative
    • Cpa
    • Credit Union
    • Escrow
    • Escrow Depository
    • Exchange
    • Financial Institution
    • Financial Services Loan Company
    • Insurance
    • Interinsurance
    • Interinsurer
    • International Banking Corporation
    • Intra-Pacific Bank
    • Olympiad
    • Olympic
    • Pa
    • Public Accountant
    • Reciprocal
    • Savings and Loan
    • Savings Association
    • Bank Savings
    • Trust
    • Trust Company
    • Underwriters
    • Underwriting

    Prohibited Designations:  Hawaii does not allow the use of the following words and phrases in corporation names.

    • Post Office
    • Postal Office

    Hawaii State Corp Filing Requirements

    Required Documents: Hawaii requires businesses to file Articles of Incorporation. Therefore, by trusting us to form your corporation for you, we will file all mandatory documents for you.

    Processing Time: On Average, it takes between 10 to 12 business days.

    Reminder: Follow-up filings are not mandatory.

    Directors Information

    When forming a corporation, it is mandatory for companies to have three directors if there are three or more shareholders. Two shareholders for two directors. And one director if there is one shareholder.

    Annual Reports

    All Hawaii Corporations must file an Hawaii annual report with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. The report must be filled on or before the last day of the calendar quarter that marks the anniversary of incorporation.

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