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Only Trusted Compliance Services

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Only Trusted Compliance Services

Our History

DOT Operating Authority was established back in 2005. Originally, our company was founded as a family business in the Auto Transport industry, helping customers by delivering their vehicles across the country. Although we began as a small company, we continued growing and thriving as our business blossomed.

And, throughout those years, while continuing to provide great car shipping services, we started encountering some of the difficulties that those in the trucking industry face while setting up their businesses. This helped us realize how important DOT could be in that process. As we expanded to work in this area, with commercial auto insurance, our company has grown. But, we still share those family values and strive to do the best by each and every one of our customers.

DOT Operating Authority Today

Our company relies strongly on the referrals of our loyal customers! Without them, we would not have such a high success rate as we do today. DOT Operating Authority’s purpose is to help our customers with all their commercial auto business needs, so their opinions are the most important to us. Because of this, we strive to learn and understand the trucking industry as much as possible, in order to help all different types of clients.

Our positive team utilizes their full potential to offer the highest quality service. And while DOT Operating Authority has seen a lot of success throughout its history, our morals and mission have not changed.

Be a part of our history by calling DOT Operating Authority today.
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