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When Do I File For My Quarterly IFTA Tax Return? 

When sending in your IFTA tax return, it must have a postmark before or on the due date . If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the next business day is the final filing date . If you do not file your return by the date it is due, you may be subject to penalty and interest charges .  It is also mandatory to file your quarterly tax return on time even if you do not receive one in the mail. If you do not receive your return at least 14 days before the due date, call for a replacement.


Important Note: It is mandatory to file an IFTA tax return even if you do not travel during a given quarter.

Tax Return Reporting QuartersDue Dates
January thru MarchApril 30
April thru JuneJuly 31
July thru SeptemberOctober 31
October thru DecemberJanuary 31

What Is The Penalty If I Do Not File? 

If you do not file a quarterly tax return, file your return by the due date, or pay the tax you owe, you may be subject to penalty and interest charges . The penalty is $50, or ten percent of the total net tax due with your return, whichever is more.

Effective DateDiesel Fuel TaxComponent BRate Per Gallon
July 1, 2017$.16$.210$.370
July 1, 2016$.16$.240$.400
July 1, 2015$.13$.320$.450
July 1, 2014$.11$.337$.447
July 1, 2013$.10$.353$.453
January 1, 2013$.10$.345$.445
July 1, 2012$.10$.305$.405
January 1, 2012$.13$.305$.435
January 1, 2011$.13$.217$.347
July 1, 2011$.13$.217.397
January 1, 2010$.18$.193$.373
January 1, 2009$.18$.257$.437
January 1, 2008$.18$.186$.366
January 1, 2007$.18$.187$.367
January 1, 2006$.18$.150$.330
January 1, 2005$.18$.115$.295
January 1, 2004$.18$.098$.278
January 1, 2003$.18$.083$.263
January 1, 2002$.18$.102$.282
January 1, 2001$.18$.091$.271
January 1, 2000$.18$.070$.250
January 1, 1999$.18$.071$.251
January 1, 1998$.18$.083$.236
January 1, 1995$.18$.0$.180