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    What is Liability Insurance?

    Liability insurance is a type of motor carrier insurance which is a legal requirement in order to operate any type commercial truck or vehicle. This type of insurance coverage benefits you when you are at fault by paying for injuries or property damage for the other party.

    What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

    Property damage and bodily injury are the two types of coverage always included in liability insurance policies.  Property damage pays for vehicle repairs or replacements, damaged buildings, street related objects and some other limited items. Bodily Injury on the other hand, covers expenses related to medical bills, nursing car, and other medical related costs. Liability insurance also covers any legal defense expenses if you are sued with any relation to an accident.

    liability insurance

    What are my coverage limits?

    You select the coverage limits you prefer. They either can be combined into one CSL- combined single limit or it can be split.

    • Bodily Injury payment per person. It is the largest amount your insurance can pay per single person’s injuries.
    • Bodily Injury payment for all the people in the accident. It is the largest amount your insurance will cover for the injuries of everyone in the accident.
    • Total property damage.

    Is minimum coverage enough?

    Minimum required commercial auto liability coverage is different in every state, and typically is the same for both personal and commercial auto liability policies. Many companies go for more than state-minimum coverage. This is because if an injured party sues for a larger amount than the minimal policy covers, it could pose a huge threat many small businesses.

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