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    State Trooper Thanks Truck Driver For Saving Woman From Crash

    A state trooper was able to show her gratitude for a truck driver who saved the life of a woman.

    On August 21st, State Trooper Tracy was able to send a message online to a truck driver who had saved the life of a young lady.

    Additionally, Truckers are always so skilled at predicting the dangers ahead. According to recent statistics,

    On Facebook, the post had been liked multiple times. The skill of the driver at the wheel was definitely intact. One would assume that it’s expected that you don’t get into accidents. But truck drivers, having a higher vantage point, are always able to think ahead of time. Furthermore, that’s why as a truck driver, you always have to remember the fundamentals.

    1. Slow Down At Necessary Times
    2. Double-Check Your Paperwork And Cargo
    3. Stay Alert and Vigilant
    4. Be Wary As A Motorist
    5. Have Patience As A Motorist
    6. Keep Safe in Scary Weather

    Finally, doing all this will certainly keep your record clean and capable. It might even save a life or two. For example, this letter.

    Dear Truck Driver,

    Thank you for watching. I saw you take the gravel shoulder to avoid the young girl texting on her phone. Her car had traveled into your lane on Route 49 and she was bound to hit you head on.

    But you were paying attention. You saw her. I saw what you did and I thank you. You easily could have lost control of your 80,000 pound rig by hitting the ditch line like that.

    You risked it all to avoid a head-on crash with her.

    I commend you.

    Sadly, I don’t think she even realized how close to death she came.

    Thank you Sir for being alert, driving defensive, and sparing her life. I hope she changes her ways and puts her phone down.

    Always watching even when I’m off-duty, Sgt. Lillard “State Trooper Tracy”

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