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California Hazardous Materials Transportation (Hazmat)

CA HazmatBy California hazardous materials transportation law, companies that ship hazardous materials are required to ensure that their shipping operations meet all applicable domestic and international standards.


Hazmat certification is required for workers who handle, remove, or ship hazardous materials in California. This includes careers in transportation and shipping, emergency rescue and firefighting, construction and mining, and waste treatment and disposal. Getting a license means, you can transport any kind of hazardous material through California without a penalty.


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Who Needs California Hazmat Transportation License?

DOT Operating Authority is an agency who helps obtain the CA Hazardous Materials Transportation License for every motor carrier who transports the following hazardous materials in California:

  • Hazardous materials shipments (unless specifically excepted) for which the display of placards is required per CVC §27903.
  • Hazardous materials shipments that are more than 500 pounds (transported for a fee) which would require placarding if shipped in greater amounts in the same manner.

Reminder: A valid legible copy of the carrier’s Hazardous Materials Transportation License must be carried in the vehicle.


What If I Fail to Comply with Hazmat Regulations?

Failure to comply with domestic and international Hazmat Transport regulations can result in rejected shipments, also, fines as high as $78,376 per day/per violation, also, carrier blacklisting. Ensure that you have a legible California Hazmat License and can peacefully manage your hazmat shipping operations.


How to Obtain a Hazmat Transportation License in CA?

DOT Operating Authority is your reliable friend when obtaining a Hazmat Transportation License in CA. Our live agents are always available to help you with your paperwork. Trust your information to the leading company and never regret it. We do all kinds of paperwork from USDOT Number to IFTA Registration. Years of experience have made us a huge expert in filling out the proper documentation for heavy motor carriers.

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