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What is an EPN?


The Employer Pull Notice (“EPN”) program is a California DMV program that provides businesses with a quick method of tracking the driving records of employees who drive for their employers.

An employer who enrolls in the EPN program receives a requester code. The requester code is then added to an employee’s driver license (DL) record. When an employee’s DL is updated to record an action/activity, an electronic check is made to find out if a pull notice is on file. If the action/activity is one that is marked to be reported under the EPN program, a driver record is mailed to that employer.

The EPN program lets your organization monitor DL records of employees who drive on your organization’s behalf. This monitoring accomplishes the following:

  • Improves public safety.
  • Proves if each driver has a valid DL.
  • Uncovers hazardous drivers or driving behavior.
  • Assists in decreasing your liability.

What Advantages Does It Serve For Employees?

The EPN program automatically makes a driving record for each employee upon registration of the employee into the program. Also, an employer has access to an employee’s driving record at any time:

  • The employee receives a conviction in relation to traffic.
  • An employee does not appear in court.
  • An employee gets into an accident.
  • The employee has their license suspended or revoked.
  • Any other action against the employee’s driving privilege.
  • The cost to the employer is minimal: To register an employee is only $5 per employee. Once a driver is registered, the employer has to pay only $1 each time they get an employees driving record from the DMV.

What Advantage Does It Have For The Public?

Businesses that use the EPN program can also help improve public safety by keeping employees with hazardous driving records off the streets and away from company cars. This level of close study of employees by employers can also decrease traffic accidents and injuries.

Are you an employer who wants to register for an EPN? No Problem! DOT Operating Authority can assist you in the registration process! Just give us a call!