FMCSA Official reminds Safety Inspectors about ELDs Registration with the federal trucking regulatory agency

On Aug 9, an agency official remained law executing officials that ELDs (electronic logging devices) should be registered at FMCSA in order to be valid.


Danielle Smith, a transportation specialist with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s passenger carrier division said: “It’s not an ELD unless it’s listed on our website. That’s going to be part of what you do during an inspection; you’re going to verify that it is a registered ELD.” Smith was speaking to road safety inspectors at the North American Inspectors Championship, hosted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.


During her speech, Smith reminded inspectors about ELDs’ data transfer processes through wireless applications, Bluetooth devices, emails or USB ports. In addition, Smith also added that carriers should replace or repair poor functioning ELDs during 8 days of knowing about the devices’ problems.


On Dec. 18 the agency’s ELD rule is going to take effect. Its goal is to create design and performance standards and improve obedience with hours-of-service rules.


The head of safety, compliance and regulatory affairs with Fleet Complete Marc Moncion recommended truckers to use ELDs. The ELDs of his firm is powered by Big Road.


Moncion told Transport Topics “Don’t fear the technology because the technology is not Big Brother.” It’s created to boost efficiencies.


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  1. Danny Thompson says:

    I can’t believe this much time and money is wrapped up in supporting a flawed hours of service program. You need to revisit the rules for safty before you worry about compliance. The fourteen hr rule has injured and killed more people then the old system did . it makes drivers late for appointments, makes drivers run while they are too sleepy to drive because they can’t afford to lose hours by taking a Knapp. You don’t have a problem collecting fines from the drivers and companies for pushing too hard but when are you going to address the shippers and receivers that hold drivers up for six to ten hrs. And on top of that you say even at the dock for all thost hrs the drivers have to remain on duty for what while your there you go to bed until they come and till you your loaded or unloaded. Im sorry but you should have used this much effort to come up with the rules before you worry about compliance. A change was needed but now it needs to be re visited to address the failed safty issues. It would only take a couple of adjustments and it would be much safer for everyone on the road. If you would like to here more just contact me because I would like to help.

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