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    You are currently viewing Almost 80,000 Trucks Are Stopped From Operating In California

    Starting as early as January 1st, 2023, there’s an estimation of about 76,000 owners, owning or operating trucks in California will needing to fess up to using a pre-2010 emissions-spec engine. Why is this the case? Because outdated tech cannot be useful when you’re under the expectation of transporting loads and goods across the country between multiple locations. This is a tale as old as a decade. The California Air Resource’s Board had a Truck and Bus Regulation banning the use of every truck powered by 2006 and older emissions-spec engines, with somewhat narrow expectations. And now, the rule is occurring around 2023. The rule going along with the Drayage Rule for Dray Operators is likely to ban outdated trucks even moreso. The deadline is written in the rule to prohibit 2007 to 2009 specific engines.

    The California Air Resources Board or the (CARB) mechanism prevents registration and renewal of the vehicles with antiquated engine technology. This is helpful for CARB or the California DMV when a truck is listed as model year 2008 to 2010, even though the engines are from 2007 to 2009. If owners don’t make moves to prove otherwise to the agencies, registrations and renewals are likely to be blocked.

    When taking into consideration the fascintation in 2010-emissions-spec technology, there’s a high possibility that owners of 2020 model year trucks include 2010-emissions specific engines.

    Trucks with older engines beware.

    Drivers that own 2010 model trucks with 2010 engines are allowed to report through CARB’s own excluded Diesel Vehicle Reporting Data Base. Otherwise known as the Excluded Diesel Vehicle Reporting (EDVR), the owner has to upload photographs of the engine compartment showing off the exterior of the truck while also providing photographic evidence of the Emission Control Label.

    CARB believes that if this info is given proper submission, you can therefore minimize the possibility of registration delays because “well in advance of a registration due date.”

    Owners that are stuck in California will otherwise be blocked from registering by the California DMV after January 1st, 2023. Owners that are from out-of-state are really quite screwed. Because the truth and reality of that is they’ll have to pay hefty fines. Heck, if you’re running with an illegally-aged engine, there may very well be the likelihood of your truck getting impounded.

    California-domiciled trucks not complying are blocked from registering again. And in that case as well, it will even be more difficult for out-of-state operators to escape the rule. CARB and their low-use exemption for older rigs running less than 1,000 miles annually in the state can still be available, but for out-of-state and in-state operators. This all comes with a variety of miles tracking and reporting requirements.

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