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You are currently viewing Battery Electric Trucks Seen As CARB ZEV Deadline Approaches
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In California, the California Air Resources Board has a new regulation, known as the “Advanced Clean Fleets” regulation. Such a deadline as aggressive as the one they are laying down is supposed to visit. The usage of electric-powered Class 8 trucks spawn from the ports in California. Of course the aggressive deadline is necessary for fleets that use trucks operating in and out of the applicable ports. CARB mandates, from the beginning of 2024, will show the new truck to add the registry for port work can be considered as Zero Emissions Vehicles. Otherwise known as ZEV units.

As far as what is valid and what is available, it’s seen as the battery electric vehicles. All while the sizable port drayage providers like IMC and the Pacific Drayage Service have ordered 20 more Nikola hydrogen fuel cell-electric trucks that can suffice for the bill.

IMC President Jim Gillis hasn’t quite made a delivery of a truck update as of yet. There aren’t any fleets placed on the big battery electric orders haven’t quite displayed a clear timetable for the rigs’ own delivery.

The confusion that surrounds the CARB drayage regulation has been high for multiple reasons as well.

A new lawsuit had been filed by the California Trucking Association that showed the federal court taking aim at the ACF, while stating a likelihood of state overreach and violations of the Clean Air Act and the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act, which, in of itself, stops state regulation from the ability to impact multiple different interstate operations in and out of the state borders.

All while the district court could act to join in CARB from stopping the dray-registry deadline.

Fleets of every size have advanced by showing an excitement to explore the battery electric vehicle as a detour to handle the worldwide transition into electric vehicles.

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  1. Tarbret Kerbin

    I gotta say this is super surprising!! :O!!! who woulda thunk trucks would go electric?

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