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You are currently viewing California Air Resources Board Sets On April 1st For ‘Smog Check’
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It’s a new year! And with the new year being ushered in, 2024 is definitely a chance for owner-operators and large carriers alike to start anew with the practices that come through with the various hoops and hurdles that the California Air Resources Board puts in front of them, as according to the Clean Truck Check Program. Beginning on April 1st, truck owners are going to need to submit to periodic emissions testing, as recommended by CARB, in order to verify that all of these commercial vehicles running around on America’s highways are clean enough for the highways.

CARB has even given owners a headstart by extending the reporting deadline for any owners to register their trucks within the Clean Truck Check Vehicle Inspection System or the (CTC-VIS) while paying a $30-per-vehicle compliance fee all through January 31st, while the original deadline had been December 31st.

In the agency, the regulation is said to be dispensed in phases, while the first phase debuted only a year ago with the deployment of various roadside emissions monitoring equipment for vehicles to be screened with very high emissions, most likely.

The vehicles that end up revealing themselves to be high emitters are set to pass a compliance test within thirty days of a receipt of the “Notice to Submit to Testing” placard that may be placed on their record.

The regulation has a second phase too. It’s approaching in September, where owners will have to report if their trucks will be able to pay the annual compliance fee.

However, there’s a catch; CARB has to announce an effective date about 90 days before the date itself.

Therefore, April 1st, 2024 shows how vehicles will be subject to regulation as it passes the emissions compliance test about twice per year. The periodic testing deadlines are to be based on the registration DMV date. Throughout the initial three years of periodic testing requirements, while the compliance testing frequency upgrades to four times per year through April 1st, 2027, for the cars that come with onboard diagnostics systems.

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