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    You are currently viewing Crisis Responders: Truckers

    Today’s crisis is nothing to laugh at. Many stores are closing and are in desperate need of supplies. This is where the trucking industry comes in. They provide the mainline for stores who are desperately running low on all manner of goods. With so many in need, truckers are the real MVP in terms of crisis aversion.

    Truck Drivers Own The Road

    With countless citizens staying inside due to the virus, many truckers are free to ride. Roads have increasingly become safer now that not as many people are on the road. This allows truckers to get to where they need to go faster. Of course, they won’t be speeding, but traffic will certainly present less of a hassle when crossing the country. On top of that, fewer people will be stopping at gas stations, public places, diners, and restaurants. This will cut down on wait times for drivers when ordering meals (for those locations still in service) as well as presents a buildup of too many people in one localized area.

    Truck Drivers Keep Quarantine From Spreading

    The job itself might require a driver to hit up multiple spots across the country, some of them might be moving into more heavily infected areas, but the job itself is relatively safe. It’s a lonely road for a trucker and that comes as a benefit when the spread of bacteria and infections are of current concerns. The trucking lifestyle relies on self-quarantine about 90% of the time. Cross country trucking requires many to use the cab and sleep in. They have their own small livable home with them which can suffice with enough supplies.

    We Would Like To Thank Truck Drivers For Their Part In Handling Crisis

    In all, the most important thing we would like to say to truckers and those shipping food to families across the US is: Thank you. Your services are just as important as doctors, nurses, healthcare officials, and the national guard during this time of the pandemic. Without you, many families will be going hungry and would not be able to support each other. We also feel the need to mention that truckers are responsible for the dealings of their own homes, for which they are removed from consistently. Having to supply the people as well as keep things hunkered down and safe at home is like trying to pull two cars together that are trying to move apart. We thank you for all that you do.

    Thank you.

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