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You are currently viewing Driverless Cars and Trucks: New Updated Policy and Changes

The driverless vehicle policy updated on Thursday by the Trump administration.


The latter will not insist on the fact that a commercial motor vehicle driver has to be a human or that a trucker or anyone else has to be in the cab.


The administration is going to work on making the process easier by freeing the trucks and other vehicles from existing safety standards.

They believe those standards might restrain the use of automation, as long as companies achieve ‘’an equivalent level of safety ‘’ for their vehicles.


The fact that the driverless cars are becoming common causes worries among a lot of people. The research initiated by the federal officials is aimed at studying the ‘’workforce impacts’’ of driverless vehicles.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is very much concerned about the increasing impact that the automation is having on the county’s workforce.

A leading self-driving firm Waymo has been working to open a driverless service to the public by the end of the year in Arizona.


Some tragic incident happened in March involving a self-driving Uber SUV. A pedestrian was killed when the self-driving car misidentified the pedestrian.

The crash with self-driving car remains under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board.


A new debate occurred about the regulation of automated vehicles. Smith said he was confronted by the Transportation Department’s effort to ‘’give a green light to truck automation.

The changes related to the driverless industry such as getting rid of a requirement that vehicles have a steering wheel seen by the safety groups as dangerous.


Uber said it will soon join Waymo, General Motors, Ford and Nuro, which makes a self-driving vehicle for delivering goods.

According to Uber spokeswoman, the firm is still in the process of reviewing the guidance which has been updated.

The contribution from the Transportation Department to aligning government, industry toward the safe development of this technology.


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