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    Hummer EV is Revealed To Be A Sports Utility Truck for the Ages!

    In case you live under a rock, General Motors just had a virtual parade for their newest Hummer model. The 2022 GMC Hummer EV is a brand new edition to the long-made-fun-of line of heavy-duty vehicles. There are plenty of different new specs to the car that were not there before. We’ll be lucky to get a peek at what the big hullabaloo in this video that was live streaming just yesterday. But already there’s a lot of support for this vehicle, which GM happens to be incredibly proud of.

    This Sports Utility Truck or SUT is stock-full of several new capabilities that simply weren’t in the market before. For starters, it allows for crab-walk, which enables the car to move diagonally with all four wheels. You know. Like a crab walks. Additionally, the Hummer EV is able to go off road with an four-wheel drive that hasn’t been done before. This is especially helpful during rocky excursions, where the suspension lifts the vehicle as high as you can get to crawl over. On top of that, the infinity roof is an impressive, removable set of panels that gives you total clearance to watch the stars from your seat. So spacious, might I add!

    Some drawbacks definitely have to do with the pricing. When the Hummer EV pickup becomes available to “pick-up” it will come in hot at $112,595, with destination charges included. A launch version will be known as “Edition 1.” Not a far cry from the H2 branding of yesteryear. Other models, making only thousands of dollars in difference, will be available in the coming years. Basically, we see $79,995 being the lowest to pay for a model of the Hummer EV by 2024.

    GMC | October 20th, 2020

    Here’s the video in question, that you can watch for your new technology-loving pleasure.

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