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    You are currently viewing Pay Rate Is Going Up, Up, Up For Truckers And That’s Really, Really Good

    According to various companies, pay rate is going up for truckers. This is particularly good news for OTR drivers with pay rates between a certain centage. 59 and 65 cents for every mile depending on experience levels. The pay rate happens to use “practical miles.” The company mentioned that “an average of 3-5% more than pay based on short route miles.”

    This increase also applies to owner-operator drivers each looking for their own per-mile pay plan pay rate. This is especially true in the national and regional OTR fleets.

    However, the carrier says of the pay increase that it will rise to the top half of its OTR drivers. Reaching at least an average annual pay rate of $89,300.

    Crete Carrier President and COO Tim Aschoff, spoke of the pay rate and it’s pay increase familiarly. As if to accredit it to “an expected economic recovery as the nation begins to emerge from the COVID-driven downturn.” He believes that they will have a stronger summer than last year even.

    They are operating in a private, family-owned carrier that has been operating longer than 5,500 power units. At least that’s what the FMCSA says. In addition, the carrier offers in turn a benefits package from which $12 million had been made in profit-sharing contributions. Specifically towards employee retirement accounts in 2020.

    Within the industry, carriers keep trying to raise pay rate.

    Demands stretch long, being that the result of consumers spending a lot moreso on hard goods, if only to improve their at-home lifestyles. Certainly, this kind of ambition maintains a need for trucking capacity to stay elevated.

    Capacity as such as declined significantly within 2020 thanks to a slew of early retirements. Plus, the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse, and diminished driver enrollments.

    The result has undergone a sustainable period of tender rejections from carriers and a proxy for capacity.

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