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    You are currently viewing Daimler Concerned Over Theft Of CPC4 Modules
    If you want to be on the right side of history, learn how you can prevent theft of your CPC4 Modules before the same fate happens upon you!

    Have you ever had something so precious just stolen from you, that it kinda ruined your whole world? If only for a little while? That type of thing happens all the time in the trucking industry. Your girlfriend breaks your heart. A cheerful stray dog at a truck stop goes missing. A fellow owner-operator decides to retire early because they want to explore Europe. All at once, everything, everywhere kinda has a set timer on sticking around before it inevitably goes away. And usually, it’s a manageable scenario. But in Daimler Trucks of North America’s case? Truly unacceptable.

    As of this Monday, Daimler made a report that there had been an increase in CPC4 modules from parked trucks. It is the belief of DTNA that the burglars search out these crucial parts of the truck to “reprogram and reinstall on other trucks.” This closely-held belief kept in mind, it sure does make sense with plenty of incidences happening at customer terminals and dealerships alike.

    There’s a shining, but ugly, example Daimler pinpointed out.

    Back in April, in the state of Pennsylvania, thieves outdid themselves by stealing CPC4 modules from 24 different trucks! That’s a scary and bold amount of thievery, potentially costing tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Trucks are unable to operate minus the modules, which in particular, dictate engine and powertrain functions. So you can already tell that the CPC4 is integral.

    So what’s Daimler Trucks Of North America going to do?

    All customers and dealers alike are to report to law enforcement and tip off DTNA at 1-800-FTL-HELP.

    All dealerships, repair facilities and customers should really consider the choice to cross reference vehicle identification numbers. That way it can be easily told if the CPCs that are brought for installation are legitimately unique or unfortunately stolen, or perhaps illicitly sold. Tracking technology can also reveal where a stolen CPC is if it is in fact being installed upon a separate VIN. Talking to any repair facility or truck dealership with a CPC stolen has to report it to the local police and DTNA. Finally, a fool-proof manner of protecting CPCs would be through asking all fleets and customers as well to password-protect CPCs.

    Paul Romanaggi, the Chief Customer Experience Officer from DTNA says that “The theft of CPC modules is a crime that threatens the livelihood of customers and disrupts our dealers’ operations. Daimler Truck North America is committed to doing everything in its power to protect our customers and dealers from this crime, and will support prosecution of anyone found in participating in these thefts.”

    Daimler is also collaborating with law enforcement at both state and federal levels in order to stop those module thieves in their tracks. Additionally, civil action might be taken against the CPC4 module thieves for software infringement.

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