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    You are currently viewing Teamsters Deny Yellow Corporation’s Proposal, Once Again

    The Yellow Corporation and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters have been at ends lately. How specifically? Well because of a COO or Change of Operations.

    Back to the Drawing Board, I Suppose.

    That’s the word according to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, as Yellow Corporation chooses to disregard and disrupt. This is all evident as the shift “would subvert bargaining” while violating article 7 of the union’s constitution which can spread out for grievance process.

    Yellow has been thinking about a change of operations as they are going through major shifts in their system. All including a consolidation of businesses. All with regional carriers of Holland and New Penn from the national freight network. Yellow believes in shifting to a super-regional structure as their goal is to provide transcontinental and national services.

    Consolidations of terminals are able to reduce operating expenses while eliminating plenty of drivers that call on the same customer location, as the gains from the property sales can allow Yellow do away with the $1.6 billion in debt. All while the majority of such can come through next year.

    Freight members have been consistently talking about how the changes to the contract are totally unacceptable.

    In the case of the Change of Operations could realign the ZIP Codes as they’ve been covered by beyond 200 terminals through East, South and Central regions as they’ve been work rules while requiring employees to rebid for various jobs.

    Yellow from past instances has made it known how the entirety of the overhaul process could get the result of 28 terminals closed.
    Such a carrier like Yellow Corp has operated active closing facilities through all sorts of spots in Ohio, Wisconsin and New York, as well as others, have had to issue Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act would show indications of how layoffs could occur. Caution and good faith is paramount as the Yellow Corporation as employees are relocated

    A huge sticking point has been evident in the creation of utility positions, which themselves ask drivers to work through plenty of terminals while freight is handled on the docks. Yet the Yellow’s COO went down from 998 to 121.

    In a public statement, the following was made clear, “The Teamsters demand that established work standards and contractual protections be maintained, that primary lanes be preserved, and traditional road driver classifications and dock workers be protected.”

    Such a union like the IBT has made it known that the meeting with Yellow as previously planned had been cancelled since.

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