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    Trucking Groups Submit Ideas to Upgrade Supply Chain Disruptions

    Trucking groups that focusing on information regarding the ongoing supply chain disruptions submitting their comments to answer a number of questions that were posed by the DOT in the information request. These groups include the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, National Association of Small Trucking Companies, American Trucking Associations, and others.

    The groups focusing on many of the topics that are often brought up as issues in the industry that impede the movement of freight, including detention time. Also insufficient truck parking facilities, infrastructure investment, independent contractor status issues, and more.

    Trucking Groups says There is a Supply Chain Crisis but There are Plenty of Truck Drivers

    “While global supply shortages have as of late have forced some truckers off the road. This is due to regulatory processing delays and difficulties finding replacement parts for faulty equipment. However, this present crisis is not due, in fact, to a shortage of truck drivers,” OOIDA said in its comments. “Really the real tie-up is in the supply chain which occurs at pickup and delivery points. Therefore it adds more trucks and drivers will, in fact, simply make lines longer, not faster.”

    The group is adding that DOT should, in fact, prioritize “resolving the underlying circumstances which have led to the excessive driver turnover. We support the administration’s efforts to improve the quality of trucking jobs. However, this it must start with treating drivers as essential workers (yes they deserve it!) with value and compensation for all of them for all of their time.”

    Lost of Productivity

    The lost productivity in trucking due to highway congestion. That is what OOIDA and ATA were among the commenters that noted that fact. In fact, it costs that trucking nearly $75 billion. Therefore, it is more than a billion hours of lost productivity annually.

    This information was based on something that occurred earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Transportation called on the various transportation industries to give a report for submission to President Joe Biden.

    More than 400 comments were, in fact, submitted that was between September 16th through October 18th. It was, in fact, under an executive order that was issuing by Biden in February. Also, the DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg is therefore also requiring to submit, within a year of the order, a report to the President. This would be on supply chains for the transportation industrial base. Also, there were comments receiving on this information request. It will be using in that report.

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