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Volvo Truck Plant Is Just Now Seeing The End Of Union Strike

Volvo and their New River Valley truck assembly plant may very well have seen the end of their feud with the United Auto Workers. Both parties have decidedly met an agreement last week being that “in conjunction with the tentative agreement, the UAW has ended its strike against the NRV plant, effective 7:00 a.m. [EST] on April 30, 2021.”

The thing about this statement is that it comes hot off of a five-year contract. The details of which have not been shared with the public. At least not until the UAW members are able to brief themselves beforehand, due to a ratification vote in the following days. However, there may be a statement to union members that have “achieved significant gains toward fair pay, benefits and job security protections.”

The UAW surely is trying to ratify a contract that will be protecting it’s own after Local 2069 had to go on strike on Saturday, April 17th for unlawful contract negotiations. Volvo has been planning to invest $400 million in advanced technology upgrades as well as site expansion and future product preparation. This is to say that the plant has been able to add 1,100 jobs since the original agreement was struck back in 2016. It seems like a solid deal overall.

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