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    You are currently viewing Should visit your DOT physical and don’t know how to lower your blood pressure? The following 5 recommendations are for you!
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    So, it is the time that you should visit your DOT physical and you are concerned since you have blood pressure related problems. Usually, you can lower your blood pressure by a mixture of diet and exercises.

    Be noted that some portion of people used to keep their hypertension with drugs, while others prefer to keep their blood pressure under control without drugs. Both ways are acceptable for the DOT physical.

    If you have problems with your blood pressure do not try to use short-term solutions as a way to ”try to game the system.” It will not solve the problem. Instead, will cause further problems such as strokes, heart attacks, hurt failure, and vision loss. To avoid these health related issues and to control your blood pressure the following recommendations are given to you:


    1. Fruits, Vegetables, and Plant Juices to Lower Your Blood Pressure

    Plants are high in nitrates. When your body turns nitrates into nitric oxide it helps you to lower your blood pressure by the following ways:

    • It relaxes the smooth muscles in your blood vessels. This will help you to keep your veins correctly dilated.
    • Nitric oxide is antiplatelet that assists to guard thickening or blood clotting.

    All these things help to control and lower blood pressure by fostering the blood to flow easier through your veins.

    A research conducted at the Queen Mary University of London found that when people drink a cup of beet juice every day they will feel the significant positive impact on their blood pressure and brought it back to the normal range for the majority of patients.

    The following fruits and vegetables are highly recommended to eat to lower the blood pressure:
















    LettuceGreen Beans








    Collard Greens










    2.      Get Good Sleep if you want to lower your blood Pressure


    If you sleep less than 5 hours at nights then you face the danger of having high pressure. Good sleep regulates stress hormones and keeps your nervous system healthy. If you have chronic lack of sleep it might bring to high blood pressure as your body will not be able to properly control stress hormones over time.


    People who have sleep apnea can be more vulnerable to high blood pressure because if you don’t get proper treatment it might bring fractured or broken sleep patterns.

    A research conducted in 2013 about high blood pressure found that those who sleep less than 6 hours, such said ”short sleepers” have 20% more possibility of developing hypertension.




    If you have high blood pressure, then forget about drinking, smoking and much coffee.

    Smoking-It is proven fact that nicotine has a potential to raise your hurt rate and blood pressure as well as narrow and harden your veins thus raising the possibility of blood clotting. Besides of many harmful effects to your health and body smoking has a direct impact of temporary increases in your blood pressure.


    Alchohol-The same is with alcohol. When you have more than three drinks in one sitting it will temporarily raise your pressure of blood. Therefore, long-term issues are more likely to have issues with blood pressure. Try not to use alcohol prior your meeting with your DOT physician.


    Coffee– Almost 54% of Americans used to drink coffee daily. By the way 68% of those who consume coffee every day used to drink it the first hour of waking up. The effect of caffeine on blood pressure is more dramatic for those who already have high blood pressure problems.





    Drink Plenty of Water

    Besides of lowering blood pressure, drinking plenty of water is very useful for your human body. It boosts the proper functioning of your body. In short, if you will drink enough water your body will retain more sodium which higher levels have been proved to increase blood pressure and risk of stroke as well as a heart attack for those who already have hypertension.

    Insufficient consumption of water can bring to dehydration which causes both high as well as low blood pressure. Increased sodium retention will gradually close the capillary beds, increasing pressure placed on the veins and increasing blood pressure.


    1. Eat Potassium Rich Foods

    If you have high blood pressure you are highly recommended to eat potassium rich food. Potassium assists to balance the consequences of increased sodium consumption, allowing foods flush more sodium as well as extra fluid out of the body in form of urine. High levels of fluid have led to hypertension.

    Foods rich in potassium

    Sweet potatoWhite potatoTomato Sauce
    WatermelonFrozen SpinachBeets
    Black BeansWhite BeansCanned Salmon
    Butternut SquashSwiss ChardYogurt



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