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    New Pilot Program: FMCSA

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is proposing a pilot program that allows drivers to take a break on the road.

    The Split Duty Period Pilot Program allows for drivers of CMVs to have the option to pause their 14-hour shift. Drivers can take an off-duty period of 30 minutes to three hours.

    This break would not meet the Agency’s hours-of-service requirement to complete the delivery within 14 hours. And honestly, this proposal will uplift drivers’ performances.

    However, participation is only limited to CDL holders that meet specific criteria.

    Essentially, the Agency wants to see if drivers can still meet the scheduling preferences of the shippers, receivers, and employers.

    The purpose of the pilot program is to “optimize productivity while ensuring safety performance at a level equivalent to or greater than what would be achieved absent the regulatory relief.”

    Pilot Program: Drivers’ Health

    Mike, a trucker, commented:

    Since the introduction of the ELD, I drive tired most of the time, which makes speeding rather difficult while yawning continually and doing the head bob… I used to be well-rested, as I could drive and sleep when my body said. Now, the box hooked to my dash makes those decisions for me. To Hell with safety and our health, I’m about shot. I hope something comes of this, but I am not holding my breath.

    If truckers were to have this flexibility, their well-being will improve. Not only that, but the onboarding process will skyrocket.

    The FMCSA is seeking the opinions of the public for 60 days. This could potentially impact the study.

    To submit your comment online, go to www.regulations.gov, put the docket number, “FMCSA-2020-0098” in the “Keyword” box, and click “Search.”

    The Agency is also ready to update its new HOS rule, which will take place on September 29th of this year.

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