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Homeless Camp Catches Fire

Los Angeles firefighters put out a blaze that somebody started early in the morning on Sunday. It erupted in a homeless camp situated downtown, according to Los Angeles Fire Department officials. They say the fire had been going for some time.

Residents nearby spotted lots of flames springing up from an alley on the 1700 Block of Wall Street which is also close to Trinity Street. The fire happened at around 5:30 in the morning.

LA firefighters received a call about a large rubbish fire that was going on in a sizeable homeless encampment. This information is according to Los Angeles County Fire Department Captain Thompson.

This congregation spot for the homeless in this alley has been a source of contention from business owners and nearby residents for over a year. Captain Thompson noted this as people have complained with frequency about the situation.

“If anything it’s actually gotten worse,” Thompson said while assessing the charred campsite.

The homeless spot, for whatever reason, seems to have grown in popularity over the course of the year.

Fire officials say there were no injuries to report from the site. Furthermore, officials continue to investigate reasons that the blaze got started. They will provide updates as they become available.

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