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You are currently viewing How AI Will Affect the Trucking Industry
AI can be used by truckers now to simplify mundane admin work.
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As we trek further into a technology driven world, we see all of the ways in which new tech affects every industry and aspect of life in both good and bad ways. In the last few years, the largest tech concern has been artificial intelligence, or more commonly referred to as “AI.” AI’s effects on creative spaces have already been a hot topic of conversation, with strikes from the acting and screenwriting unions spanning several months in 2023. Now, we are also starting to see ways in which AI will effect the automotive and trucking industries. Many technology vendors are turning their eyes to creating AI tech that is focused on product development and finding ways to improve safety in vehicles and productivity in manufacturing.

The main points of focus for AI in trucking are currently improving driver safety, worker efficiency, vehicle maintenance, and business intelligence.

The CEO of McLeod Software, Tom McLeod, is one of many tech moguls who has set his goals to freight transportation in particular. He has spoken on this matter, saying that in the last few years they have managed to get the computing power and storage requirements to ensure that this tech works. Furthermore, he also has stated that the price of this technology is no longer unattainable, which gives trucking businesses a higher likelihood of purchasing and implementing this tech. McLeod is primarily focusing their work on market analysis tech, data organization tech, and generative AI to help speed administrative work up. McLeod says, “what we’re doing is helping to automated the routine things… to make your company more productive.”

AI “co-pilots” are likely to be a large part of trucking industry AI.

Co-pilot AI programs are some of the most popular in the tech world currently. They are meant to be programs that offer assistance, just as the name suggests. The programs work to reduce the time it takes to complete mundane tasks that are often tedious and time-consuming. The CEO of Vooma, Jesse Buckingham, said that his company is working to produce similar tech as well, with email spot quoting and load building process development being Vooma’s main goal.

At this time, most AI that is available to truckers has to do with the admin work that they have to do sometimes. Safety and actual trucking AI seem to be in the works, but little details are known about what this tech will look like.

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