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You are currently viewing Hurricane Season Is A Worthwhile Time To Prepare For Disaster

A good manner to label the hurricanes of 2020 in the Atlantic? Unstoppable. In that year alone, there were 31 tropical storms and 17 hurricanes. While seven of those disasters being major. And if you see any major winds on the road as a trucker? Then you definitely need to be safe. Hurricane Laura is a CAT-4 which barely hit a CAT-5. Laura was so strong, it hit about 150 mile-per-hour wind speeds. That’s only six mph less than Katrina.

Major truck routes had to shut down in reaction to the hurricane as a result of the dangerous roads.

The American Red Cross states that a couple of items that you may definitely need. Such as water, non-perishable foods, and a first aid kit. But really, your best bet is having lighting provided for your insides and outsides of the truck. Some travel centers offer LUMAGEAR to be found in truck stops and travel centers for sure. The additionals of this include tactical flashlights and in-cab lighting. There also happens to be a spotlight lantern with 90-degrees of tilt and a rotating handle, along with headlamps. Plenty of headlamps.

Let’s say that the power has gone out at the truck stop? Could you find a separate power generator online that would allow for a 12-volt port? Giving off 100 watts? That might be the best point.

As a trucker, you may be best off with utilizing a CB radio. That is able to save your day in plenty of ways. The chances to stay in touch with others around the area, would allow you for updates on the conditions of the road. Plenty of areas could be open for meals or hot showers. Your best bet would be to redirect yourself around accidents and maybe warn others. The CB radios are likely to show off NOAA weather alerts for any hurricane that heads towards you.

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