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You are currently viewing Jim Mullen Is Stepping Down From FMCSA

Jim Mullen is stepping down as president of the FMCSA. In August a new president will be appointed.

The industry has been in a huge rut over the past few years. With the trucking industry losing valuable drivers and not finding enough to resupply businesses with professionalism, many are left with their heads in the sand.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 is currently stressing the industry past the breaking point for many. The current global climate has not been kind to any industry, but one industry overall has seen its fair-share of blows: Trucking. With many continuously driving day-in-an-day-out, the industry is reaching points of no return.

This seems like a great time for Jim Mullen to step down. It appears that the heat is getting to him. A spokesperson for Mullen reached out to press with this to say:

At the end of the month, Jim Mullen will be leaving the Department. We greatly appreciate Jim’s service and the work he has done for our country. Wiley Deck, currently a Senior Policy Advisor to the Secretary and former FMCSA Director of Government Affairs, will assume the role of Deputy Administrator of FMCSA,” a DOT spokesperson confirmed via email to CDLLife.

Mullen’s campaign does not go without extensive merit. When he stepped into the role of president in 2019, he quickly went to work tackling some of the industry’s largest challenges (at the time).

Mullen was able to push through an extensively long period for Service Final Rule as well as the Drug and Alcohol Clearing house.

Due to his efforts, many within the industry are finding out how extensive the drug problem really goes. For many drivers, they are finding themselves on the wrong end of the stick due to consecutive drug abuse charges. The primary role was to keep the roads safe and with his efforts he has. Thank you Jim Mullen for what you have done with your time in the industry!

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