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    You are currently viewing Most Popular Cars in America: Honda and Nissan Duke it Out in 2020

    From a pool of 200 million drivers, data suggests that Honda models rank as some of the most popular cars in America. This is the third year in a row that Honda sits on top. But the Nissan Altima is putting up a tough fight. And it’s anyone’s guess who will come out on top within the next 365 days.

    Honda manages defend its title based on a few different factors. On the list of Top 10 Cars in the Country, Chevrolet, Honda, Ford, and Toyota all hold two slots. But the Honda Civic takes 4th and the Honda Accord takes 2nd. The Chevrolet Malibu ranks 3rd, with the Impala pulling in 5th. Nissan has only one model on the top ten list.

    So how is it that Nissan seems to be Honda’s most formidable competition this year?

    Ranking the Most Popular Cars in America

    Insurify, an insurance company, polled 200 million of its drivers. Each year, it ranks the cars state by state and then looks at the country as a whole. It then breaks down this information geographically. Thus, one simple survey provides us with a wealth of information.

    Honda won popularity in 18 different states. But this count combined drivers of both Honda Accords and Honda Civics. Meanwhile, Nissan has won 14 states with just the Altima. So while Honda ranks higher as a company, the Altima as a standalone model blows other cars out of the water.

    It’s worth looking at where these cars are popular, too. Geographically speaking, the Altima wins the South and Southwest. Honda trumps in coastal states. Midwest drivers love their Chevrolets. Americans prefer sedans to SUVs in all but two states: Alaska and Wyoming.

    The where might help us to determine the why. Drivers have different needs based on their environments. So if you’re looking for a new car and wondering where to start: why not start here? What are the people in your area driving?

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