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Amazon.com Inc. took the number 2 spot for wholesale and retail private fleet companies.

Data was recently published with rankings of private fleets, and it displays great information regarding the private motor carrier companies that operate within various industries. It showed the top carriers of each industry type and also showed the growth or shrinking of the fleet sizes and their success rates in the last year. Overall, the data also showed how the private fleet companies are generally flourishing while public corporations struggle amidst strikes and supply chain issues.

With this all said, what fleets came out on top of the different industries?

Food Service Industry

The food service industry is full of many great carriers and is always highly competitive. Despite the competition, the rankings showed Sysco Corp. taking the leading spot for another year. US Foods took the rear, coming in right behind Sysco. Sysco had such a successful year that they expanded their fleet by 700 tractors. Frito-Lay also had a successful year, coming in with the fifth spot for the food service industry private fleets and expanding to a total of over 2,000 tractors.

Food Processing and Agriculture

These two seemingly different concepts are actually considered the same industry. These fleets were led by Tyson Foods, who operate with a total of around 2,600 tractors.


The grocery industry in the United States is a massive industry. The market is full of competitors constantly buying out their opponents. Taking the lead in this industry was United Natural Foods Inc. They took the spot over McLane Retail, which dropped down to the number two spot this year.


The beverage industry is famously dominated by PepsiCo and Coca-Cola. Both have many other organizations under them, but the parent companies tend to be on top, and this year’s rankings showed nothing different. PepsiCo took the top spot of number 1 and Coca-Cola took the number 3 spot. In between the two in second place was Reyes Beverage Group, which formerly went by Reyes Beer Division.

Wholesale and Retail

This industry is another highly competitive one, with a few names repeatedly taking the lead. Walmart Inc. came in at number 1, having expanded its fleet with over 2,000 tractors this year. The number 2 spot went to Amazon.com Inc. They underwent a growth of 137% in their fleet.

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