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    You are currently viewing Support For Drivers: America Cares

    The trucking industry, as well as truck drivers, fleet managers, and owner-operators, have been under a lot of stress over the past couple of years. The impact of COVID-19 has only worked against an already uphill battle for most of the road. While working long hours away from their families and loved ones who are also dealing with the issues of the global pandemic, truck driver awareness has been brought to the front page.

    Support For Drivers Has Increased

    While many are still at home, truck drivers are on the front lines. Many small towns and businesses rely heavily on deliveries. The only way this can happen is through a skilled truck driver. Many families have put the word out to support drivers while they work tirelessly to provide supplies to those in need.

    For Many Drivers, It’s Just Another Day

    This is the first time we have public support and recognition in my life since I started driving.” Says Graham Hinsch who is currently shipping water and food across the country. “The police don’t seem to be pulling us over and the weigh stations are closed so that’s definitely less stress for us.

    For drivers, just the thought of recognition helps to keep them going.

    “I see signs and people thanking us. I’m not and as far as I know, the majority of us are not receiving hazard pay. “ says Hinsch.

    This is fine unless we get sick and get our wives or children sick. That is really my only concern with receiving that extra pay. But at the same time with so many people not working many of us don’t want an extra dime and are happy that we aren’t getting harassed or dealing with the many commuters who were driving daily before.

    Drivers Understand Necessity

    “I deliver water and food mostly so it’s given me some more motivation to work harder and longer hours because those are essential items to people.”

    Drivers across the country understand that if there are no trucks, then there is no business.

    “If the trucks stop rolling, that is the day we as a society are done” says Hinsch.

    The ability to continue to resupply America puts a lot of weight on an already exhausting industry. For those behind the wheel, it is imperative that they have the basic necessities to continue to help. Many have gone through long hours without even a shower and have run into limited areas for basic hygiene necessities, yet still, they push through.

    How To Support Drivers

    Many have stepped up in order to show support for drivers across the country. From leaving prepaid gift cards at gas stations, to starting supply drives. Even holding signs for returning drivers. This shows that many of us appreciate the efforts they have taken to keep America moving. All of these things any one person can do and can continue to provide for those who provide for us. To truckers everywhere, we say thank you!

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