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    You are currently viewing Trucking Cycle Displays ‘Green Shoot’ Out Of August
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    ACT Research has indicated how the trucking cycle of the United States of America is coming towards a turning point. This is indicative of the ACT’s For-Hire Trucking Index where all five components show a carrier’s perspective during August, all with volumes logging a huge turnaround.

    The ACT’s very own volume index showed at least 12.3 percentage points up to 54.4 upon a seasonally adjusted basis from July to August. The reading going up and above 50 by an indication of growth as one lies below 50 would give way to contraction. As is the report quick to caution has shown a huge number of fleets increasing as it hasn’t been well-pronounced.

    There’s higher reading for the volume index since around 2022 as it was a leveled above the mid-30s and mid-40s where it would be proper displayed through the Spring.

    As it turns out, inventory levels would show a stronger balance and a reduction in import shortening to the West Coast that had been cited as contributors.

    High-inflation and lowered savings themselves would lead to future consumer spending.

    What else has the ACT capacity index has been indicative of?

    The modern contraction territory has shown consistency for the second month straight at 48.9. All while the data set will be down one point as it’s seasonally adjusted from July.

    Such surveyed examples largely involve for-hire and large fleets. The report itself would note that the Class 8 tractor sales would continue at all-time highs, full of capacity that had been added by private fleets for the small carriers all while they purchase secondhand equipment from larger fleets.

    Truck pricing has stayed under pressure during the month at 39.3.

    All of these factoids matter.

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