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    Uber Freight Starting Trailer Renting Platform

    Uber Freight division is launching the new Powerloop service starting from Wednesday. With the platform, pre-loaded trailers will be available to eligible carriers. Also, it will make a trailer pooling program that allows smaller fleets and owner-operators to access the network.


    The platform already operates in Texas and tested by Anheuser-Busch.


    “The platform enables a common pool of trailers which can be utilized by a diffuse set of shippers and any eligible carrier,” the company claimed in a statement. “By renting trailers, Powerloop reduces the barrier to entry to trailer pool programs and unlocking access to drop freight for trucking companies of all sizes.”


    Program manager of strategic projects of Uber Freight, Mike Pike explains that trailer pools are groups of pre-loaded trailers asset-based carriers which are able to pick up and drop off at shipper spaces. The service of decoupling the power unit will ease the loading and unloading process which can be done without the driver as well.


    According to Pike, the greatest number of trucking companies around the US doesn’t take advantage of these programs. They either don’t have the required resources to put money in multiple trailers or they are not able to secure partnerships with the shippers.


    The company is aiming to create a single, interconnected trailer-pool system.


    According to the vice president of logistics procurement at Anheuser, Ties Soeters the universal trailer pool program will play a huge role and is an innovation that is long overdue for the industry.


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