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You are currently viewing USDOT Selects Drone Remote Partners

The utilization of drone shipping is growing exponentially in the US. With COVID-19 now spreading through every state, many are switching to online shopping.

The USDOT has been in talks with various companies in order to provide shoppers with faster delivery times. This is due to the drastic increase in online shopping combining with the over-extended trucking industry.

The use of drones will help get a better understanding of trucking shipments from the air and provide more information regarding shipments.

The following companies are applying to improve their drone delivery capabilities.

  • Airbus
  • AirMap
  • Amazon
  • Intel
  • One Sky
  • Skyward
  • T-Mobile
  • Wing

“The FAA will be able to advance the safe integration of drones into our nation’s airspace from these technology companies’ knowledge and expertise on remote identification,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao.

Technology Development Through Drone Use

The use of drones has far extended its initial purpose. The development of the drone is for amazing video work. Drone shave found that pre-programmed destinations can be a cake-walk to get to. For harder-to-get-to places, drones have shown their importance as delivery systems.

Technology us currently being developed alongside the proposed Remote ID rule. The requirements for applying will be withheld until the final rule is published. The FAA accepts applications for companies to become Remote ID suppliers.

Drones are one of the fastest-growing additions to the transportation sector. Currently, there are 1.5 million drones and 160,000 remote pilots who register with the FAA ( Federal Aviation Administration).

The use of drones will also help to relieve some of the deficits the trucking industry is currently facing. Currently truck drivers are facing hard hours, long drive times, and lack of essential supplies. Using drones can help cut the stress levels back and keep America’s roads safe.

The trucking industry needs all support it can get while they take on the effort of fighting COVID-19. With drivers over-extended, drone support will help to alleviate some of the weight that the industry currently faces.

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