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    Alpha Motors offers a Retro-Styled Wolf Electric Pickup

    Alpha Motors says it stands out among the many current EV startups. This is because it brings a retro-cute styling sensibility to its group of vehicles. In fact, the startup’s latest EV is a pickup truck – the Wolf. It joins the Ace coupe and the Jax crossover coupe.

    Alpha Motors Last EV Closely Resembles Old Japanese Compact Pickups

    Moreover, the Wolf does continue the similar styling theme as the other two models which, on a truck, most specifically resemble old Japanese compact pickups. In our eyes, it does seem like a throwback to the original Chevy LUV (light utility vehicle) of the 1970s, itself a product of Isuzu.

    Alpha Motors: The Wolf has Similar Powertrain Options

    The Wolf, under the sheetmetal, appears to have the same powertrain options as the Jax. That means single-motor front-wheel drive or dual-motor all-wheel drive configurations. In fact, Alpha does estimate 250 miles to 275 miles of range, 0-60 mph in 6.2 seconds, and a 3,000-pound towing capacity.

    Frunk for Added Enclosed Storage Space

    The Wolf has a “frunk,” like the Ace and Jax, for added enclosed storage space. Yet, the images posted on Alpha’s website do show a solar bed cover. In addition, a light bar that really drives home the retro styling theme.

    Quoting pricing between $36,000 and $46,000, Alpha is presenting taking reservations. Yet, the company hasn’t delivered a single-vehicle yet. In fact, it isn’t expecting to start deliveries until 2023. Moreover, it’s becoming commonplace for EV startups to announce plans for multiple models before the first one is even out the factory doors.

    Wolf – Downsized but Dramatically Different Vision of Electric Trucks

    It seems the Wolf isn’t the only pickup to present a downsized but dramatically different vision of electric trucks. Canoo unveiled its own electric pickup just before the Wolf was revealing. It is based on a “skateboard” chassis that may also be used for a delivery van and subscription-based people carrier.

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