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Battery-Powered Trucks Demo Gets Big Time Award!

As it turns out, Volvo has been able to nab themselves a huge award. Volvo Trucks North America has been able to accept a 2021 Climate Leadership Award For Volvo LIGHTS, battery trucks with a green initiative. Otherwise known as Low impact Green Heavy Transport Solutions. It’s a project specific to Southern California. In which case the “Innovative Partnership” has been presentable to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions. This is where the Climate Registry has also been able to hold a virtual event. This is in order to showcase and recognize corporational, individual, and organizational leadership in the reduction of carbon pollution. All while addressing climate change in all sorts of operations and strategies.

Battery Usage Is Long Overdue In The Trucking Industry

Volvo LIGHTS has long been a collaboration between fourteen private and public partners in order to develop a blueprint for the purpose of introducing all sorts of battery-electric trucks and equipment in the market at scale.

Throughout the multi-year project, Volvo Trucks North America was able to demo the Volvo VNR Electric trucks in daily fleet routes with NFI and DHE. These demonstrations were enabling of Volvo in order to gain real-world operating insight to contribute to the commercialization of the Volvo VNR Electric model of December 2020.

TEC Equipment happens to be Volvo Trucks hugest West Coast Dealership. They’re able to provide maintenance and repair services to DHE and several fleet customers, such as NFI. Others are involved as well in purchasing the VNR ELectrics outside of the Volvo LIGHTS project. There may be plenty of battery-electric yard trucks that Volvo is willing to sell for plenty of trucking companies. Battery-electric trucks are an absolutely necessary addition to the electric vehicle race for semi-trucks in themselves. You simply cannot be without an electric alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles. Battery type of trucks are necessary to use. You can’t tell anyone anything else, really.

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